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Week 13: New England Patriots 45, New York Jets 3 (10-2) (Monday, December 6, 2010)

Week 13: New England Patriots 45, New York Jets 3 (10-2) (Monday, December 6, 2010)

Whoohoo! Beatdown! Beatdown! Beatdown!

If you watched this game, my friends, you saw a football/quarterbacking clinic taught by Professor Thomas Edward Brady. :)

It was total domination from start to finish for Tommy and the boys! Tom was flawless, carving up the Jets’ defense like last week’s Thanksgiving turkey. He was surgically precise, throwing to his receivers, who did a fantastic job of catching the ball and running for YAC.

The Jets looked clueless for much of the night, and their QB Mark Sanchez, a Southern California boy, looked like he didn’t want to be out in the bitter cold AT ALL. Brady is a Northern California boy and has adapted spectacularly to cold weather.

The offense was unstoppable. They did have a couple of three-and-outs, but they hung 45 points on the scoreboard by the end. The defense kept making key stops and caused three turnovers, INTs by Sanchez.

Danny Woodhead, Jets’ cast-off, ran for over 100 yards, and Deion Branch hooked up with Tommy for a TD, as did Aaron Hernandez. Tom passed for a total of 4 TDs (the Pats had a total of 6 touchdowns and 1 field goal). When the Jets’ kicker tried a 53-yarder in high winds, it went so far left it was comical. Rex Ryan made questionable coaching decisions (challenging a spot of the ball is okay, but he was going for it on fourth down, anyway, and he lost a time-out which bit him later). BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a couple of TDs and ran hard. The offensive line did let up a couple of sacks but otherwise was nearly perfect.

It was a bitterly-cold night, not as cold as the Ice Bowl in January of 2004, but people had to layer up and protect themselves. Most stayed right ‘til the end, even though it meant a three-hour wait to get out of the parking lots.

This was the 26th straight regular season home win for Tom, and the 107th win for him and Bill Belichick as a tandem, tying Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers. They don’t have too far to go to reach the top tandem of Don Shula and Dan Marino, who had 116 wins together.

Hating New York teams is in the New England blood, and it’s all the sweeter when you’ve got a loudmouthed coach like Rex Ryan leading Gang Green. Sure, his press conferences are entertaining, but brag when you’ve won something! The last time the Jets even made a Super Bowl was 1969, the Joe Namath predicted win against the Baltimore Colts, and while historic (it brought the AFL on par with the NFL and pushed the merger a year later), that’s pretty meager for a franchise that’s 51 years old. The Patriots have been to 6 Super Bowls and are 3-3.

While ESPN got a national rating of 11+, New York was 17+ and Boston was 42+. LOL! We enjoy a good beatdown, especially when it’s the Jets.

Tom throws a pretty ball, but he’s also the prettiest quarterback! ;) Did you see when the camera went to close-up on him? Yum! :)

We are watching a Hall of Fame quarterback in his prime, my friends.

The Patriots now have control of the division. If they take care of business in the next four games, they’ll be the No. 1 seed in the AFC, but they can’t let down. They’ve got Da Bears in Chicago, Green Bay at home, up to Buffalo, and Miami at Gillette. Buffalo may have a 3-8 record but they’ve been playing hard. They also have an NFL rarity: a Harvard quarterback! Ryan Fitzpatrick has been doing a fine job for them. They’re just a team that finds ways to lose.

So nothing is guaranteed. The Jets are still in playoff contention, and could come back strong, but only time will tell!

It was a great game for Pats’ fans! We’ve been celebrating all day! ;)

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