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BIG Game!

A BIG game on Monday Night Football tomorrow! The Patriots and Jets go at it in Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Here's the situation:

The Patriots and Jets are tied at 9-2 right now. Since the Jets won their first meeting back in September, they have the edge. If they win tomorrow night, they could wind up the 1st seed in the playoffs from the AFC and the Patriots the 5th, which would mean no bye week and going on the road throughout the playoffs. If the Patriots win, then the positions most likely will be reversed, barring a collapse from either team in the remaining four games.

The NFL playoffs are set up like this: there are 2 conferences with 4 divisions each. Each division winner makes the playoffs, and 2 wild card teams from each conference. The top 2 division winners from each conference get a first-round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Both are like gold. The bottom two division winners have to play on wild card weekend, but host the wild card teams.

There could be a situation in which a possible 13-3 team (either Pats or Jets) could wind up going on the road to a team that is 8-8 or some such thing! Crazy!

So it will be wild in Foxboro tomorrow night. Cold weather expected, and it's Tedy Bruschi Night, so Mr. Patriot will be honored. :)

If you like real-life drama, tune in! Tom and the boys will put on a show! ;)

P.S. Pouting Peytie threw 4 INTs today! Saw The Manning Face 4 times! LOL!
Tags: gillette stadium, new england patriots, tom brady
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