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"Luthor" (Smallville 10.10) (December 3, 2010)

"Luthor" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 10) (December 3, 2010)


Great episode! When I heard Ultraman, I said, “Yes! The Crime Syndicate of America!”


The regular DCU ought to thank its lucky stars that ‘our’ Clark is pure of heart and a sweet soul to boot, instead of the dark-hearted evil of his counterpart. The unrestrained use of power in evil hands is a terrifying prospect, symbolized by his murder of anyone who saw his face as Ultraman.

I liked the way the AU was filmed: dark and colorless, fitting for such a world in which Ultraman rules. Lois isn’t the evil Superwoman in this ‘verse and there’s no Owlman, but Lionel can take up the slack for evil. ;)

How cool was it to see him again? He’s a wonderful character.

This AU really makes the contrasts: Smallville is a darker version of the regular DCU but looked like sparkly Disneyland in comparison!

As Clark lived the life that Lex had lived in his ‘verse, I wonder if he grew to understand him a little better? Lionel is a pretty horrific caretaker for a small child to grow up under. And my Clex sense was tingling (sorry, Spidey!) as Clark realized that his other self killed Lex in the dark world. He never would like killing, but knowing that it was Lex…little extra jolt there?

That attitude of his about Luthor blood being evil…seems that someone who’s an alien should be a bit more sensitive to that kind of thinking. ‘Bad blood’ attitudes have caused more misery than the world really needs. I’m glad Clark realized his error.

Tess was sympathetic in this story, and I hope that Ollie will be able to look past her hiding another Lex, as Clark did. People are complex, and there are a lot of reasons for their actions, but I can understand why they would be put off by yet another secret.

I loved how Tess got in touch with a Lois determined to stay off the grid!

Writers: get busy on the battle scene at the Watchtower! It looked completely wrecked and our heroes were ready to kill Ultraman. :)

Ollie is still conflicted in the other ‘verse, but even though he was the unconscionable raider, taking over family farms (including the Kents) in order to mine Kryptonite so that he could cache it for use against Ultraman, he still wanted to do good. And Clark telling him that ‘his’ Ollie worked with him to save the world was a nice touch.

And Ollie got Lois in this world! Good, because I always liked them together. :)

The Kent farm abandoned and derelict was particularly chilling. And using the loft for her trysts with Evil Clark? Tsk, tsk, Tess! ;)

Hmm, Lex in the AU should have been ‘good’. Was that why he was killed, or because he wanted to be Lionel’s Chosen One?

The Lionel twistedness is always deliciously complex: he allowed the other Clark to kill Lex, but he sounded truly regretful. He does love Lex, but in such a twisted way, it’s grotesque.

And, of course, the final scene: Lionel is back! Probably the AU Lionel, but with all the clones running around, who knows?

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