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Running On Fumes

Yikes! I am EXHAUSTED!!!

I raked leaves all morning and FINALLY finished them. Four hundred and sixty-two bags at the final count for the year. Whew!

I ran the final 32 bags to the drop-off, cleaned out the car, washed the car, changed sheets and did multiple loads of laundry, wrote out my Christmas cards and wrapped my presents. Tomorrow is chores, decorating the outside of the house, and putting the candles in the windows. The final item is putting up the tree, but that's next weekend as I need help with it, and besides, my sister likes to decorate it with me. :)

I decided I'm going to cut some holly branches for my kitchen centerpiece. If they dry out I'll cut some fresh ones. Got plenty! ;) I might cut some pine, too. They smell so pretty!

All this running on a couple of Eggo waffles and some chocolate. I think I'll go eat dinner soon. :) Hmmm, I can choose between leftover pasta with fiery red pepper tomato sauce (woot!) or a leftover turkey sandwich (nom, nom!). I'll probably go watch the original Battlestar Galactica while I eat.

I think I fizzled because I had stomach flu last week and am just now beginning to eat again. Good thing all was well for Thanksgiving! :)

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