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Week 12: New England Patriots 45, Detroit Lions 24 (9-2) (Thursday, November 25, 2010)

Week 12: New England Patriots 45, Detroit Lions 24 (9-2) (Thursday, November 25, 2010)

The Turkey Day game was almost a turkey! ;)

So, the first half was awful, looking scarily like the Cleveland game, as the Pats’ O couldn’t get out of its own way, and the Pats’ D couldn’t stop either the run or the pass.

Then the Pats had the ball to start the second half, but what really jump-started them was an INT by CB Devin McCourty, and Tom ended up with a perfect passer rating for the game as he threw 10 straight passes, 4 of them for TDs. Deion Branch made a heckuva touchdown, eluding the Lions CB Alphonso Smith twice as he raced 79 yards to the endzone.

The Patriots were ramped up and really digging into the playbook, and when Tom tried a quarterback sneak later on in the half and got a late hit, a scrum developed as his teammates took offense. Commentator Phil Simms said that the Patriots were putting on a clinic.

After the game, Tom got the Phil Simms’ Iron Award, tried Simms’ mother’s apple cobbler (loved it!) and said hi to his mom and three sisters…oh, and remembered to say hi to his wife at the last minute! He was so cute! ;)

I don’t know if the Patriots can go all the way to the Super Bowl with their leaky defense, but at 9-2 (best record in the NFL), they’ve sure got a good shot!

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