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Week 11: New England Patriots 31, Indianapolis Colts 28 (8-2) (Sunday, November 21, 2010)

Week 11: New England Patriots 31, Indianapolis Colts 28 (8-2) (Sunday, November 21, 2010)

Whew! It got hairy there for awhile (not a Brady hair joke ;) ) but the Patriots got the win! Safety James Sanders sealed the deal when he picked off Pouting Peytie in the final seconds.

The Manning Face! We got to see it several times today. ;) Peyton threw three interceptions, the last one insuring that the game would be won by the Pats. He was very good, bringing the Colts back in the fourth quarter to have a chance to win the game in the final seconds, but gave up the chance for a Vinatieri tying field goal to go for the win, and instead got the loss.

Tom had a streak going today (yeah, I’d love to see him streak!): if he won, he would tie Brett Favre for 25 straight wins at home during the regular season. Got the win, got the record. He was excellent today in the first half, could have done better in the second, but he did some beautiful work today.

Little Danny Woodhead (5’ 7") was fantastic, doing everything but selling hot dogs in the stands (wait, I think I saw him…). He scored a TD with tremendous effort like the Little Engine That Could, and on the very next play, made a huge tackle on special teams. The guy’s a keeper!

Shades of the early part of the 2000s with the Manning Face, three picks by Pouting Peytie, and the Patriots’ D coming up big! They made mistakes and allowed Manning to make the game close, but came up big in the end.

Had to laugh at the commentators gushing over Manning keeping things going with an injury-riddled team. Tom has done the same for years, including taking his team to a Super Bowl when Troy Brown, his best wide receiver, was also playing defensive back that year due to injuries! This year we've already lost quite a few important players. Injuries are the name of the game in the NFL.

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