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"Patriot" (Smallville 10.9) (November 20, 2010)

"Patriot" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 9) (November 20, 2010)

Whew! Lots of stuff crammed into this one!

Let’s discuss, shall we?

Spoilers for this week’s episode and next!

As always, I’m flying blind on my review, having avoided everyone else’s so far. I have gotten a general idea of people’s reactions, and it appears to be more on the negative side when it comes to this episode.

Well, I found it pretty interesting.

Amused that smiling party boy A.C. is now fierce and frowny Orin, no doubt due to Mera, but so what? Atlanteans have to be more than a little miffed at the way surface dwellers treat the ocean like a giant garbage dump. So I don’t mind activism or frowny faces at all. :)

Mera disrobing in front of Lois? Awesome! LOL! Somehow Lois always ends up with the sizzling females, doesn’t she? ;)

I like the concept of Lois and Clark as equal partners, and Lois realizing that she can’t quite go everywhere that Clark can, but she can be an invaluable help to him. She can get information no one else can, and she understands Clark very well.

Despite knowing that Ollie was just registering to find out what would happen, it still looked weird for my liberal man-of-the-people being the first to sign. Clark did seriously consider it, sort of shades of The New Frontier, but he understood what was going on with those secret prisons and knew that this Government project had to be stopped. How cool was it to see him getting subversive with A.C. and ferreting out the truth? ;)

The words ‘Government’ and ‘registration’ always brings a chill down my spine. I am a big fan of the New Deal and what it brought us: Social Security, unemployment insurance, federal deposit insurance, etc., but I’m not dumb enough to trust the Government to register anybody without problems cropping up. Too often people in the Government are power-mad, greedy, and unethical.

I’ve never been a joiner, so to speak. I like being part of communities like LJ and am willing to ‘do my part’ for certain causes, but I dislike the attitude of if you’re not with a certain group, you’re against them. Too much herd mentality for my taste.

General Wilson (Slade!) described Ollie as lonely and damaged and something else I can’t remember but didn’t it sound like Bruce all over? ;)

*smacks Ollie upside the head* You’re going to have to dodge paparazzi and hero haters and who knows who else because you can’t keep your lip zipped! ;)

Despite this ‘verse’s weirdness at times, I can’t help but squee when they introduce characters like Mera and Slade because it’s so much fun to recognize old friends (or enemies, heh heh).

To be honest, if Darkseid was something that existed in real life, we’d all be screwed. How easy would it be just to wait for people’s fears and darkness to show and then just swoop in and take them over? Yikes!

I did like Lois becoming part of the team. SV isn’t a bad Elseworld. Some fun stuff goes on!

I bet Ollie never thought he’d give Lex praise, considering that maybe the secret facilities hadn’t been such a bad idea. Lex had seen this Darkness coming. I’d love to see Lex show up in SV’s final scene, or close to it. Clark flying off in the cape and tights would be the best final scene. ;)

Now that we’ve seen A.C. again, I say bring back Black Canary! I want something to start developing between her and Ollie. C’mon, people! Despite craziness and break-ups and betrayals, Green Arrow/Black Canary have been canon since the 1970s. They deserve a shot in this ‘verse, too!

Nice scene between Tess and Lois at The Daily Planet. I like the thought of them working together, and even though Tess will come to a bad end with all her secrets, it’s nice to see her as part of the team for now. Also chuckled at Tess being taken aback when she saw Lois when making her report to Clark. :)

And is Lois kick-ass or what when she gets the info she needs from the doc?

Okay, gotta say, the ep in two weeks? Looks like fanfic! LOL! Nice to see Lionel coming back, even if only in some strange AU.

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