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"Abandoned" (Smallville 10.8) (November 12, 2010)

"Abandoned" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 8) (November 12, 2010)

Wow. This was quite the episode!

The stench of evil surrounds the twisted of Apokolips. They delight in torture and sadism and such, and there is no doubt that Earth is in for it if Darkseid succeeds in his plan to conquer it.

How cool is it that Granny Goodness is the name for the twisted torturer of Apokolips? The irony! ;)

As the leader of the Female Furies, she of course is of value to Darkseid, and is an inventive sadist. Poor Tess, being in the clutches of that woman!

Clark shirtless and in chains…well, what can I say? ;)

The theme of parents, their loss, and memories was intriguing. Memories make us who we are. They can hold us back or propel us forward. Amnesiacs lose part of themselves when they lose their memories.

The past lives in the parents of Lois and Clark, and now they will be able to move forward after viewing their parents’ videos and their messages for them. Loved seeing Teri Hatcher as Lois’ mom! And once again we see Helen Slater as Lara. I do like the actor playing Jor-El, too.

Will we see a showdown between the JLA and Darkseid’s Elite? I hope they don’t leave an unresolved storyline at the end of this series.

So Tess’ parentage comes to light! I love this. Lex’s sister Lena was raised as Lena Thorul in comics canon in the Silver and Bronze Ages, and she was unaware that she was Lex’s sister for many years. He wanted it that way, because Lena might have been the only person he truly loved in pre-Crisis characterization. In the Silver and Bronze Ages he started his criminal career as a teenager and was already notorious by the time he’d reached his twenties. He wanted to spare Lena all that.

Here in SV, we see that it was Lionel who was instrumental in keeping Tess away from the family (probably an illegitimate daughter). It would have been interesting to see if she and Lex would have had a brother/sister dynamic if Michael Rosenbaum had stayed with the show. We did get hints of some kind of attraction that Tess had for Lex and possibly he for her, but like Luke and Leia in Star Wars, they didn’t realize that their attraction was more sibling than anything.

I loved this revelation and the fact that only Tess knows the truth. She’s a Luthor, but she’s welcomed into the inner circle of the JLA, and Clark considers her one of the team. Of course, she’s raising her cloned half-brother and is also keeping her true parentage a secret, both of which will blow up in her face, I think it’s safe to say.

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