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The 'Death' Of Dick Grayson (Rant)

No, I didn't kill Dickie-bird off again! ;) I'm just ranting before I go to bed. 

I was doing a little research and came upon some old DC message boards when it became public knowledge that Dan Didio was planning to kill off Dick in one of those endless Crises that DC likes to use to murder heroes (DC apparently likes to eat its young). I'd just finished reading some of the commentary on the Marvel message boards about Cap's funeral (apparently Marvel has the same serial killer virus as DC) and was feeling angry and bummed, and then I found the old ones about Dick.


Most people didn't seem too happy about it. A few said that the emotional devastation would make for a great story and would affect Bruce more than people might think. Sure, but knowing the current PTB at DC, I doubt we'd see Dick 'come back' any time soon. It took them, what, 15 years to resurrect Jason? Beats Bucky over at Marvel, I guess. He was taking the dirt nap for about 60 years, I think.


One of DD's reasons for killing off Nightwing was because his sales were 'slipping slightly' and that he didn't hear from the Nightwing fan base. *urp* Excuse me while I try not to hurl. I didn't know that a 'slight' drop in sales indicated time to get the guillotine out. Or that fans were supposed to be mind readers and write DC and beg them not to kill Dick off before he died. *rubs brain that hurts*


The real reason is the rumor that DD 'does not like Nightwing'. Bingo! Give the man/woman a kewpie doll! Miller never liked Dick, either. In Miller's case, homophobia was at work, but I don't know Didio's reasoning. *shrug*


I don't like the death of Cap. I don't like the idea that they were thinking of killing Dick. I didn't like it when they killed off Superman. I know that sales drives all in our capitalist culture, and that's cool. But it's a cheap trick. It cheapens death, and we've seen how gory DC has gotten lately. It's a joke now. No death has impact anymore unless it's literally ripping a guy apart while he's still alive or something equally disgusting.


It's different in fanfic. When we write deathfic, ours is usually permanent but we have the luxury of not being mainstream canon and we can move on to another universe and the deceased character can live again without some hokey rebirth. Death stories in fanfic pack a punch. Death in canon shows a stunning lack of originality now because it's overused and meaningless.


It was suggested that fans are too quiet. When they drop a title, they should write TPTB and let them know why, as in bad writing, art, and twisting a character's personality. In Dick's case, it was the awful Outsiders' drivel, and a bunch of other stuff. Dan Didio says he doesn't hear from the fan base? That can be changed!


Snail mail is more valuable as those in charge always consider it a show of more effort to actually write a letter and mail it rather than send an e-mail. So if you're so inclined now or in the future, here are a few addresses for you:


DC Comics

1700 Broadway

New York, NY 10019


Marvel Comics

417 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016


I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll dream of a world in which a true love of the characters and some real creativity will surface.





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