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Week 10: New England Patriots 39, Pittsburgh Steelers 26 (7-2) (Sunday, November 14, 2010)

Week 10: New England Patriots 39, Pittsburgh Steelers 26 (7-2) (Sunday, November 14, 2010)

Woe unto a team that plays Tom and the Patriots the week after a bad loss. ;)

Only twice in the last ten years since the Brady/Belichick Era began have the Patriots lost back-to-back games, and after every game that Tom lays an egg, he comes roaring back better than ever.

After an abysmal performance last week against the Browns, the Patriots came roaring back, on the road, no less, and schooled the Steelers at Heinz Field. Rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski, who had his worst game of the year last week, came back with three touchdown catches on the day, the first time in Patriots’ history that a rookie made that many TDs in one day. Gronk, Gronk, Gronk! :)

Tom was sparkling (and I don’t mean just his smile!). He picked the Steelers apart, aided by a stellar offensive line that kept him clean for most of the game. He even ran for a touchdown himself!

All this on a sprained foot! He was also listed with a sore shoulder, but since he's been listed with one since 2004, it's an inside joke in Patriots' Nation. ;)

The Steelers had no clue and couldn’t stop Tom or the Pats. They picked up some TDs in garbage time in the fourth quarter, but the game was pretty well done by them.

Tom was fired up! He is not one for sideline histrionics, but he was pounding home that they had to be perfect and ranted for about five minutes, but it was mostly exhorting for guys to stay alert and do their job instead of chewing people out. Though make no mistake, if someone needs chewing out, he’ll do it!

I loved his spike of the ball after his TD. He does that every time he scores, which is rare. ;)

The vaunted Steelers fans practically deserted the place in the fourth quarter. No waving of the yellow towels late in the game!

Next week they’re home and going up against Peyton Manning and the Indianopolis Colts. A tough game to be sure!

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