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Tom Brady Shows Off His Mane!

Hi, luvs! Got some delicious dish on Tom! The gorgeous quarterback of the New England Patriots had fun with the hoopla over his long hair, as per a Boston source:

Things got a little hairy at Henry Grew Elementary yesterday when New England Patriots [team stats] QB/QT Tom Brady [stats] met his match in the coif department — and we’re not talking about that pop pipsqueak Justin Bieber!

The hirsute hunk, who donned a scally cap for the morning chat with the kids, got up to speak at the morning confab and instantly became enamored with the curly mop of Noel Jiminez, who got up to ask No. 12 a question.

“Doesn’t this kid have a great head of hair?’’ Brady asked the crowd in the gymnasium.

Not to be outdone — because you know how competitive 12 can be — Tom pulled off his cap and shook his manly mane to the delight of the adoring crowd. Natch.

Brady, along with team titan Robert Kraft and fellow Pats Deion Branch, Patrick Chung, Brandon Merriweather and Zoltan Mesko, went back to school yesterday to give the kids a talk on health, fitness and, apparently, grooming!

Kraft presented a $10,000 NFL Play 60 grant to the Hyde Park school to buy some gym or recess equipment to make sure the kids get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

I like him as the clean-cut, fresh-scrubbed kid from 2001 and now his long-haired, lovely self! :)

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