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Fic: Rainbow’s Freedom (Project K Arc) (7/54)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Project K Arc) (7/54)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Dick, Alfred, Clark/Bruce, Brendan, Sam Elkins, Brad Stryker, Deb Shelton, Stephanie Grainger, Hal/Steve/Diana (Hal & Steve do not appear in this chapter), Lex/Jamie
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. New superheroes appear on the scene as the Abolitionist Movement gathers strength. Meanwhile, Lex gets his heart’s desire while long-held secrets begin to spill out of the Manor. Nothing will ever be the same again.
The entire series can be found here.
Genres: AU, Challenge, Drama, Slavefic
Challenge Category: Section E (Slavefic)
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Wonder Woman is observed and evaluated.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): August 26, 2009
Date Of Posting: November 10, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 976
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Written for my 2010 DCU Fic/Art Bondage Challenge.

"I’m thrilled at the appearance of Wonder Woman on the scene.
She is an avatar of freedom."

Senator Lana Lang, (D-Kansas)
September 27, 22-- C.E.



“Alfred, want a lemon ice?”

Dick eagerly stood by his friend’s bedside, nearly bouncing on his toes. Bruce and Brendon smiled.

Alfred reached out and gently chucked Dick’s chin. “I would like that just fine.”

Dick dashed off, meeting one of the bodyguards outside of the room. The African-American smiled at Dick’s enthusiasm as he explained his errand.

“Sure, kid, let’s go down to the cafeteria.”

“Thanks, Mr. Elkins.”

& & & & & &

Clark washed his hands at the sink, combing his hair as he eyed his reflection critically. His first concern was Alfred, but he wanted to keep up his appearance. As Bruce Wayne’s treasured Prize, he should look his best.

Thankful that Alfred was going to be all right, Clark concentrated on freshening up, his lips curving up into a smile as he thought of the kohl he’d worn on Jovara. Maybe it was time to surprise Bruce.

He adjusted his dark glasses and stepped outside the men’s room, Brad Stryker waiting for him.

“Do you need to use the bathroom? I’ll wait right here,” offered Clark.

Brad nodded and Clark leaned against the wall, keeping a wary eye out. Ever since his kidnapping by Edmund Caldwell, he was more nervous in public. The security men had been assigned as bodyguards in round-the-clock shifts whenever Bruce’s slaves left the Manor.

Clark was glad for their presence. He didn’t want to be kidnapped and raped again, and he was worried sick about Dick. Edmund was obsessed over Dick, and he would want revenge on both Bruce and Clark, easily obtained if he took the boy from them.

Clark started as he realized that someone was standing close to him.

The nurse had soft brown hair tucked up under her cap, her uniform crisp and white. Her face was heart-shaped, pretty, and she was about five foot six.

A lovely woman…with hate in her eyes.

“Can I help you, Nurse?”

“No.” She brushed by Clark, jabbing him with her elbow. “Stay out of my way, slave.”

Clark blinked, watching her go down the hall. He wasn’t surprised by freeman hostility, but this hospital carefully screened their personnel. If someone wasn’t accepting of slaves, they didn’t work here. And people who lied to get a job were quickly found out.

He remembered her nametag: D. Shelton. Well, he would just have to keep an eye out for her. She very definitely gave him the creeps.

& & & & & &

“…and the Amazing Amazon saved the residents of a brownstone fire in Boston’s Fens, applauded by the onlookers.

“There is controversy about this newest hero on the superhero scene, from what people call her ‘slave bracelets’ to her message of freedom for everyone.

“Wonder Woman is a force for change, and in this society, change is not always looked upon kindly.

“Stephanie Grainger, WGBS News.”

& & & & & &

“Quite a woman,” Alfred said, comfortably propped against the pillows as he watched the TV in his room.

“Very much so,” Bruce said, watching Wonder Woman in action as she jumped out of the brownstone with a little girl in her arms, flames licking at her boots.

“The costume’s very patriotic,” said Dick.

Bruce, Clark, and Alfred exchanged grins. Leave it to Dick to love a brightly-colored, star-spangled costume! Brendan ruffled Dick’s hair with a grin of his own before he left to go down to the cafeteria.

“She’s certainly powerful,” Clark observed. “Do you think she’s really an Amazon?”

“It’s certainly a question. Amazons were supposed to be mythical even in ancient times. If they survived until the 23rd century, they hid themselves well.” Bruce kept his gaze on the woman in question.

“Has she contacted anyone yet? The Arrows, the Flash, the Hawks?”

Bruce shook his head.

“Maybe she wants to be on her own for awhile.” Dick hopped up and poured Alfred a glass of water, the butler taking it gratefully. “It’s all so new to her.”

Bruce’s eyes gleamed. “That’s good insight, Dick.”

Dick beamed, settling back in his chair cross-legged.

“Maybe we should contact her.” Clark watched the Amazon’s powerful legs as she leaped back up to the second floor, re-emerging seconds later with a young woman, who was violently coughing.

“Hmm,” Bruce said as Wonder Woman smiled and ran off after setting the young woman down on the sidewalk by the paramedic squad.

& & & & & &

Lex was impressed. This Amazon had strength, speed, and unerring agility as she performed her neat trick that she called Bullets ‘N’ Bracelets while she stopped a robbery at a jewelry store.

Lex stroked the soft blond hair of his slave, seated at his feet. Lex never required Jamie to sit there. He gave the blond the choice once he found out that Jamie enjoyed it. While his slave usually took advantage of chairs and couchs, he liked to get his cushion and rest comfortably in quiet moments at Lex’s feet, and he always sat in a chair at the dinner table.

Lex liked Jamie at his feet, but liked it even more that it was by his choice. Jamie trusted him not to humiliate him, and Lex treasured that.

Lex took notes on Wonder Woman’s abilities, his file on her starting to grow. He had files on all the superheroes: strengths, weaknesses, and areas of operation.



“Do you think Wonder Woman will be allowed to spread her message of freedom in peace?”

Lex looked down at his confidante, intelligence shining out of clear green eyes.

“Probably not.”

Jamie nodded sadly, and Lex petted his companion a little more, more in comforting him than taking his own pleasure.

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