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"Ambush" (Smallville 10.7) (November 5, 2010)

"Ambush" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 7) (November 5, 2010)

Wow, where to start? Okay, Sam Lane and Lucy showing up on the Kent doorstep while Lois and Clark are having fun was funny, and while it’s definitely shades of Marvel’s Civil War, I’m not surprised at the upcoming Vigilante Registration Act. And, in this episode, I see a lot of both sides of the issues.

Lois not standing up to her father disappoints Clark, but it is understandable. It’s tough to go up against your father. And that crack from Lois about Clark not having a father? She was right to ask Clark to try and get along with her family, but wrong to say that he didn’t have a father and didn’t have to deal with family anymore. BTW, what’s Martha? Chopped liver? Even while she’s in Washington, that means Clark doesn’t have to deal with her?

I liked seeing Lucy. It’s a strange pattern that nearly everyone in the DCU is an only child. I always thought it was cool that Lois had a sister. And I’m glad they talked. They both screwed up, and they both realized that being sisters was special. I have a sister and I’m very proud to know her.

The Ollie and Tess scene at the end was actually pretty cool, though it’s the same old Smallville story: what will Clark and Ollie think when they discover that Tess has been raising a Lex Luthor clone (or the actual Lex)?

Jeez, Ollie, you didn't think out that coming-out thing very well, didja? No privacy anymore! And you're still endangering others' privacy. Just chalk me up as one who firmly believes that superheroes should be allowed to have secret identities.

Flagg saying that "Violence is always the answer" is true of the human condition, and should be the motto here in America, considering my fellow citizens' love of guns. *sighs*

Why am I thinking of M.A.S.H.'s Colonel Flagg? ;)

Whoa! There goes The Talon!

I did like the Kent Farm being a haven for Clark this episode. I like the way they soft-lense the farm, creating that idyllic atmosphere, complete with freshly-squeezed orange juice and strawberries. ;)

Now, my tape skipped at the end. Clark was saying to Sam that there would be men in Washington who would use their knowledge of the vigilantes to…and then it skipped to a shot of an Against The Menace HQ blowing up.

Did Sam agree to oppose the Vigilante Registration Act or will he still support it? Anything else I should know?

I noticed that Teri Hatcher plays Lois’ mother next week, and Granny Goodness makes an appearance! I love the way that DC and WB honors the Superman legacy, starting way back in 1978 with the first movie using Noel Neill (The Adventures Of Superman) and Kirk Alyn (1940s Superman serials) as a young Lois’ parents in the train scene, all the way up to using Jack Larson (The Adventures Of Superman) as a bartender in Superman Returns, and Annette O’Toole from the first movie (Lana Lang), Helen Slater (The 1980s Supergirl playing Lara), and Terence Stamp (SII’s Zod) as the voice of Jor-El in SV. Oh, and Dean Cain playing Vandal Savage a few seasons ago!

I wonder how the Thanksgiving dinner went after “Ambush” was off the air? ;)

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