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"Harvest" (Smallville 10.6) (October 29, 2010)

"Harvest"(Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 6) (October 29, 2010)

Like Lois said, Children of the Corn!

Creepy episode. I suppose it counts as SV’s ‘Halloween episode’. Interesting that the religious sect twisted all their beliefs and principles once they started drinking Kryptonite-laced water for years, but it’s an allegory for the true dark path some religions do go down. This was a village of serial killers! If the Amish had TV sets, they’d sue.

Poor Alexander! He runs to Clark’s loft when he’s confused and angry, and remembers the good times spent there, his declaration that their friendship would be “the stuff of legend”, and further illustrates how in this ‘verse, the Superman/Luthor antagonism is love-turned-to-hate.

In all the other ‘verses, Lex clearly chooses the dark path, and even in Silver and Bronze Age canon, while he does have a friendship of sorts with Clark (Lex grew up in Smallville, but poor, not rich), it’s nothing like what we’ve seen in early SV. Yet someday I’ll write this all out about why I feel that SV Lex is more a victim of Kryptonite paranoia/mental illness than choosing to embrace evil, and I think that’s why Lex can still break my heart. But that’s an essay for another day. ;)

And the scene in which Lex cuts off his hair and smiles? How cool was that? That kid actor pulled off an evil/smug smile perfectly! :)

Seeing Lois and Clark in Colonial-style garb was kind of cute, but the episode didn’t do too much for me.

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