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Fic: "Trick-Or-Treat!!!" (1/1)

Title: "Trick-Or-Treat!!!" (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Mel/Carter, Doris Rogers (Mention of Charles/Doris)
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, Challenge, Fluff, (A Touch Of Humor), Holiday, Romance
Rating: Mild ‘R’
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Candy is the name of the game on All Hallows’ Eve. ;)
Date Of Completion: October 29, 2010
Date Of Posting: November 4, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 660
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my LJ Fourth Anniversary Fic Request Meme for khylara. Pairing: Mel/Carter. Prompt: Candy. :) Also written for my 2010 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. :)

Mel awoke slowly, content as he remembered last night. He and Carter had enjoyed themselves…immensely! A smile crossed his face at some of the memories.

“Carter?” he called. He was alone in bed.

He yawned and stretched, noticing a wrapped piece of candy on the pillow next to him.

Just like in a fancy hotel.

Smiling, Mel picked it up and unwrapped it. It was a milk chocolate heart. One bite brought him to solid chocolate nirvana.

He got out of bed and wandered to the bathroom. He showered and began to shave, laughing as he found a piece of rock candy on the shelf in front of the mirror.

Mel belted his robe after shaving and shuffled out to the kitchen. He remembered that Carter had to leave early with Charles chasing down a lead on John Dillinger.

Mel missed his lover. Waking up to Carter’s amazing smile always started his day off right.

In the kitchen he smiled again as he spotted the gaudily-wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on the table. He couldn’t resist eating it, the combination of chocolate and peanut butter his favorite.

He whipped up pancakes and coffee, then dressed and headed for work.

& & & & & &

The dark chocolate on his desk delighted Mel. He felt extremely lucky to have Carter.

Sometimes I don’t know if I could survive this job without him.

Doris came into his office. “Happy Halloween, Mel.”

“The same to you, Doris.”

The tall brunette smiled. “Any plans?”

“No, I expect I’ll stay in. Unless, of course, that lead on Mr. Dillinger turns into something.”

“Well, I hope this lead doesn’t pan out. I’d like to celebrate with Charles.”

Mel chuckled. The laconic Texan falling for the bubbly Doris amused the whole office.

“I’m sure you could celebrate with style.”

“Thank you, Boss.”

The day was quiet but filled with a lot of work. When Mel went out to get a refill of coffee, he heard two agents talking about their plans for the evening.

I certainly hope you get back soon, Carter. I miss you.

Sighing, Mel went back to his office.

& & & & & &

Mel shrugged into his greatcoat and went out into the squadroom, carrying his fedora. Doris was tidying up her desk.

“Have a good evening, Doris.”

“Thank you, Mel. You, too.”

Mel escorted Doris downstairs and to the streetcar stop. She refused his offer of a ride. “I have to do some errands.” Mel drove home in his Pierce Arrow, parking in the lot reserved for tenants of his apartment building. He walked to the front entrance, hunching his shoulders against the icy wind blowing off Lake Michigan. He kept a hand on his fedora, his pearl-gray silk scarf blowing out behind him.

He looked up at the moon glowing in the sky. It was nearly full, Mel glad that it was a clear night.

Grateful for the warmth of the lobby, Mel used the elevator to get to his apartment. He sighed, remembering the Halloween balls held back home in South Carolina. They were glittering affairs of costumed revelry and outstanding food and drink. This year it was his family’s turn to host a ball.

He went into his apartment, shrugging off his coat, scarf, and fedora. As he hung up his coat, he noticed something on the floor. Bending down, he frowned, “What?” He picked up a “…wrapped chocolate?” He spotted another one a few feet away, and then another, leading into the bedroom.


His naked lover smiled, lying in bed with candies scattered all over him and the sheet..

Mel laughed. “What is this? Candy corn?!”

Carter grinned. “Sweets for the sweet.”

Mel picked up a piece off the sheet and ate it. “Looks more like trick-or-treat to me.”

Carter’s grin was nearly flashing. “You’ll get your treat once I perform the trick.”

Mel’s eyes sparkled as he leaned down to kiss Carter.

“Happy Halloween!”

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