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"Isis" (Smallville 10.5) (October 22, 2010)

"Isis" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 5) (October 22, 2010)

Man, RL loves kicking me in the butt! So this review is late, and I don't know when I'll get the next one out. As soon as I can! I would rather not run a week behind all season. :)

I love all things Egypt, so was fond of the Isis/Osiris legend being played out. And, as we know, Smallville tends to beat a dead horse, so the theme of love was hammered throughout this episode.

Still, it was an interesting juxtaposition to see Lois and Clark finally coming together with their love, and Ollie feeling very lonely without any. I really hope they start bringing in Dinah for some of this season’s episodes and establish a good rapport between them so that by series’ end, they have something going (or will). After all, Dinah is the love of Ollie’s life in comics canon! They had a nice moment a few seasons ago at the end of the episode that introduced Black Canary.

He’s had good chemistry with Lois, some with Chloe, none with Tess. He has excellent chemistry with Clark. If we lived in a world that didn’t blink twice at same-sex relationships, Lex and Ollie would have had another reason to hate each other as they fought over Clark.

Some intriguing points about love: if bringing Osiris back condemns everyone to hell, is Isis’ love really that admirable? Though I didn’t mind her zapping Cat. ;)

Still, the concept of eternal love is appealing to me. This Goddess yearned for her soulmate for centuries and was willing to do anything to get him back. That appeals on a visceral level. It's whether it's ethical or not that's the crux of the matter.

And another kind of love: Tess as mom? Seems unlikely, but she's a complex character, like Lex was. Will Lex get his second chance with her?

I give Erica Durance points for making Isis believable. It was definitely an old comics/pulps trope (and Smallville especially is fond of possession stories) but she did a good job with it. She can play wacky Lois and deadly serious Lane. :)

The ending? Well, now, this ‘verse apparently has decided that Lois and Clark do their ‘Will They Or Won’t They?’ shuffle before Clark dons the cape and tights, and as befits an Elseworld, that’s cool. I hope Lois retains her memory! You know how that goes. ;)

But I loved the final scene. :)

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