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2010 DCU Fic/Art Snow Winter Holidays Challenge!!!

What’s more magical than the first snowfall of the season? Or a prettier sight through your picture window? Remember playing out in the snow when you were a kid, your cheeks rosy from the cold, your laughter breaking the silence when you made a snow angel? It was even better when it was a snow day off from school, wasn’t it? ;) Is there anything cozier than a winter’s evening as snow softly falls outside your window?

The complete Master List is here.

Writers, artists, creators of manips, icons, wallpapers, vids, fanmixes, etc.:

The requirements for this Challenge? Your creative work must focus on or use a winter holiday as a backdrop. And ‘Snow’ is the theme to go along with it!

‘Snow’ can be: first snow, snowstorm/blizzard, snowbound…and weather isn’t your only option. There’s snowglobes, snowbirds, snow angels, snow cones, snow jobs…;) As long as ‘snow’ is part of your fic/art/visual graphic or auditory offering, you’re good! :)

‘Holiday setting’ can include Thanksgiving dinner, decorating the Christmas tree, a Yule ritual, New Year’s ball, etc. There’s so many things that can be done with the holidays! Hey, if you want to have your characters sitting around complaining about writing out Christmas cards, go ahead! ;)

Any holiday celebrated during winter from any culture or tradition is welcome. And since this is the DCU, if you want to create Kryptonian, Martian, or Thanagarian holidays (or more!), go for it! Imagination has no limits! :)

Okay, the usual suspects:

Humor, romance, hurt/comfort, drama, etc. You know the drill! :)

Pairings (or threesomes, etc. ;) ): Slash, femslash, het, gen. The term ‘DCU’ includes not only comicsverse but movie-TV-and-toonverses, so that means Nolanverse, Smallville, Timmverse, etc.

Rating: G all the way through to NC-17. For stories, any length from drabbles to epics! :)

Posting dates: November 2, 2010-January 1, 2011

Cross-challenging welcome, so if you can fit your work into more than one Challenge, go for it! This might be your chance to get inspired for the 2010 DCU Fic/Art The Wheel Of The Year Challenge!

Crossovers welcome, as long as DC characters get equal ‘screen time’.

As always, please post your headers/links here on this Main Page. It’s the only way I can keep track of your entries, as I might miss them on my f-list. If I get enough entries, I will do a Master List.

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