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Fic: Celtic Moon I: Golden Eagle (1/7)

Title: Celtic Moon I: Golden Eagle (1/7)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Sean Flynn, Roy/Johnny, Joe O’Hanrahan, Henry, Chet Kelly, Hank Stanley, Dixie McCall
Fandom: Emergency!
Genres: Challenge, Holiday, Horror
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Something wicked this way waits.
Chapter Summary: A history project captures the interest of the men of Station 51.
Date Of Completion: October 15, 2010
Date Of Posting: October 28, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal and Mark VII Limited do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 826
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2010 Station_51 Emergency! Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. :)
The entire series can be found here.



Tale be told,
Tale of old,
Heroes bold.

Evil’s cold?

Sarah Jean Stanford
"Tale Be Told"
1863 C.E.

October 31, 1914

The heat seared through Sean Flynn’s turnout coat, his russet mustache twitching as he made a quick search of the old apartment building. He could hear the shouts of his fellow firemen as they battled the blaze, O’Grady and Polanski on the hose, McCaffrey regulating the water from the pump and watching over the horses. Captain Sullivan was directing the operation, helping out with the hoses.

“Hallo! Anybody here?” Sean hurried up the stairs, coughing as smoke began to grow thick here on the second floor.

He saw a flash of white down the hall. “Hey, c’mon out of there! Time’s a’wastin’!” The door slammed. “Hey! C’mon! This place is goin’ up! »

A haunting strain of Irish music drifted down the hall. Sean frowned. Who would be playing music at a time like this? He felt sadness wash over him suddenly, like waves on the shore.

The door opened to the room at the end of the hall and a little girl’s face peeked out. Her blond hair was in pigtails, and she withdrew out of sight.

Heart pounding, Sean hurried down the hall, coughing as he went. He shoved open the door.

“C’mon, darlin’. It’s all right.” He saw the girl huddled in a corner of the parlor. “It’s all right, lass. Come along, now…”

Sean held his hand out with a smile, which faltered in the next instant.

“Wha…?” Sean gasped as he backed away.

& & & & & &

Out on the street, the men of Engine 63 looked up in horror as the second floor of the Endicott Arms flashed over into an explosion of flames.

& & & & & &

June 3, 1974

“Hey, Joe! What brings you to Station 51?” asked Johnny as he headed for the coffeepot.

Joe O’Hanrahan was sitting at the kitchen table, his chestnut-brown hair thinning on top and sprinkled with gray. A man of average build, Joe was a retired firefighter who was enjoying his golden years. He sipped coffee from a mug he’d brought with him, smiling as the resident basset hound, Henry, yawned on the couch.

“Oh, got a new project goin’.” His green eyes sparkled. Joe O’Hanrahan might be a man of ordinary appearance, but his eyes always garnered attention.

“Yeah, what’s that?” Roy entered the kitchen, Johnny pouring coffee into his partner’s mug.

“The Department’s asked me to write a history in time for the Bicentennial.”

“Hey, that sounds interesting,” said Roy.

“What sounds interesting?” asked Chet as he came in. Joe repeated his news, and Chet was enthusiastic. “This Department needs a new history!” He went over and greeted Henry with a pat on the head.

“Chet is probably dying to give you his tales of derring-do.”

“Hey, I’ve got some good stuff!”

“Oh, yeah, all starring you!” Roy and Joe chuckled. “I thought we already had a history book?” Johnny asked.

“I thought we already had a history book?” Johnny asked.

“We do, but it was last updated in 1963,” Joe explained.

“Makes sense,” said Roy as he sipped his coffee.

“Yeah. They want stuff since 1963, and to beef up the earlier sections, too.”

“That sounds like a lot of work with a tight deadline.”

“It is, but I’ve been working on it since January.”

“So you want our stories?” Johnny asked.

Joe laughed. “I’ll take ‘em, but I’m here to read through some of the station’s records.”

Mike poked his head in. “Cap’s got a call out for roll call.”

“Coming,” Roy said.

& & & & & &

After roll call and assignments given out, Johnny and Roy went through their daily equipment check and tallied up the supplies.

“Cap, we need to make a run to Rampart,” Roy said as Hank walked by.


Roy and Johnny packed everything away and scrambled into the squad, heading for Rampart General Hospital.

& & & & & &

“So, anything new?” Dixie asked from her seat at the ER nurses’ station.

“Yeah. The Department’s got Joe O’Hanrahan updating our history.” Johnny packed away the drugs they needed.

“That sounds interesting. You guys going to be in it?”

“Maybe,” Roy chuckled.

“Is this going to be available to the public?”

“Yeah.” Johnny reached for more syringes. “The previous edition was available to the public as well as anyone in the Department who wanted a copy.”

“Well, I’ll have to make a note to buy one when it comes out.”

“So will I,” Roy said.

“Tell Joe that if wants the Rampart perspective on the paramedic program, I’d be happy to talk to him.”

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea.” Johnny put the last of the syringes in the supply box.

The paramedics returned to the squad, and Johnny winked, sliding his hand across the seat to grasp Roy’s. The blond smiled as he drove.

Both men looked forward to their days off.

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