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"Homecoming" (Smallville 10.4) (October 15, 2010)

"Homecoming" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 4) (October 15, 2010)

Okay, LOVED the past and future accolades in this episode. I enjoyed going back to Smallville and seeing the high school reunion, reminiscent of the early seasons (which are still my favorite, with Clexian flavor). I squeed at seeing Brainiac 5! I can’t help but smile as in comics canon, Brainy has had a crush on Supergirl (at least pre-Crisis), and in the recent cartoon, on Superboy himself! ;)

Lois was a bit sad to watch, since no one seemed to remember her, but, hey, she was only there for three weeks and only showed up for five days! LOL! So it wasn’t too surprising, though at least she got a chuckle out of King Clark. ;)

The future scenes were great, despite the SV logic of Clark not wearing glasses until everyone and his and her brother has seen him without them, so of course they wouldn’t recognize him as Superman, right? Yeesh! But he looks cute in the glasses. Y’know, SV, he should have been wearing them all these years, because a sexy man in glasses is even sexier! ;) But it was cute to see Present and Future Clark together, with Present Clark snarking that Future Clark looked so nerdy! ;)

I guess what saddened me about this episode was Clark saying goodbye to Jonathan at his grave, and symbolically leaving Smallville behind. Since this is an Elseworlds, things will be different, but it’s sad that Smallville isn’t the haven that it is for Clark in comics and ‘toon canons. It should be his haven, despite all that’s happened there in this ‘verse.

Aww, and who could resist the scene when a floundering Ollie suddenly becomes more confident and sure of himself when Clark shows up in the TV studio? Ollie speaks with conviction and true heart. And the JFK quote was awesome! That's my liberal Ollie! ;) Man, we Clark/Ollie fans are very happy! I loved that scene! :)

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