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Fic: Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (5/5)

Title: Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (5/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, mention of Dick/Roy, Mr. Mxyptlk
Categories: Humor, Fluff
Rating: (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: What if the whole world went topsy-turvy?
Summary (this chapter): The boys go out to dinner and Clark prepares a speech.
Date Of Completion: June 27, 2007
Date Of Posting: July 2, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 944
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: This story came about from a set of scans jen_in_japan had posted not too long ago. We were both laughing at the kissing booth scenario, and how it was a fad of the Golden Age years. So I came up with this Golden Age story. Since it takes place during those years of the past (probably early ‘50s), ‘billionaire’ Bruce Wayne is a ‘millionaire’, there are references to gossip queens Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper, etc. :)
Also, go check out Jen’s own take on the theme: Services Rendered. 






The restaurant was very nice indeed, white tablecloths over dark cherrywood tables, gold candlesticks holding white candles and a golden bowl of fresh flowers lending a pleasant scent.  Bruce looked very relaxed as he ordered a steak, rare, and a medley of vegetables and red bliss mashed potatoes.  Clark’s stomach was doing flip-flops, and he ordered salmon with the same kind of potatoes and vegetables.  He sipped from his water glass and Bruce watched him with amusement.


“So, I heard that Superman had a busy morning.”


“He did.” Clark set the water glass down. “He had to put out a fire, stop a bank robbery, and rescue a kitten from a tree.”


Bruce laughed and drank his water. “Well, at least his afternoon was quiet.”


Clark glanced around at the other diners.  Every table held couples of the same sex, as this restaurant was a favorite romantic spot.  He had astonished himself as to how fast he had grown accustomed to this new world.


“Yes, very quiet.  I got a lot done on my story for the Planet.”


“Would that be the one on Lex Luthor romancing that movie star?”


Clark laughed. “No, that’s Cat’s territory.” He winked in amusement at Bruce’s startled look. “Cat Grant, not Selina Kyle.”


Bruce harrumphed but his eyes were twinkling. “That gossip columnist of yours would give Louella Parsons  and Hedda Hopper a run for their money.”


“No doubt.” Clark took another sip of water.  Bruce had chosen the wine for this evening, but Clark needed something to drink now.  He didn’t have time to wait for fancy wines!


 “Dick is going to Star City for the weekend.”


“Oh, that’s good.” Clark beamed. “I like to see Dick so happy.”


“So do I.” Bruce’s eyes grew soft. “He’s a good kid.  Works hard, can be counted on, is the best flyer I’ve ever seen.” He snickered at Clark’s expression. “Besides you, of course.”


Clark grinned. “He’s special, all right.  And Roy is, too.  He really makes Dick happy.”


“He’s a talented, um, boy.” Bruce nearly tripped over saying the word ‘hero’, which they shouldn’t be saying in public.


“Ollie has done a good job with him.”


“He gets help from Dinah.  She and Larry were houseguests just last weekend.  I think Roy helps keep Dinah’s maternal instincts happy.”


The sommelier arrived with the wine, and Bruce tasted it, nodding his approval.  The sommelier poured both glasses and left the bottle in the silver ice bucket.


Bruce lifted his glass. “To us.”


“To us.” Clark drank, his mind racing.  Should he speak what was on his mind before or after they ate the entrees? 


Bruce kept up an easy patter, learned after years of playboy socializing.  Clark was grateful as he went over his little speech in his head. 


The soup was served, and then the salad.  Bruce seemed oblivious to Clark’s lack of conversation, but Clark knew there would be plenty of conversation when he was done with his speech.


The entrees were delicious, Clark’s stomach settling down for the moment.  He began to talk more, and turned the conversation back to Dick and Roy. “I’m glad you allowed Dick to date Roy, Bruce.  He really deserves a chance just to be a teenager.”


“I know.” Bruce sighed. “Sometimes I forget that’s he’s still a kid.  Growing up, but a kid.”


“Why wouldn’t you?  He’s so capable out in the field, and has been ever since he was a child.”


“I still…I need to remember he needs to have fun, too, Clark.”


Clark nodded. “You’re on the right track, Bruce.  Roy is good for him.” He winked. “Maybe being a good ‘citizen’ isn’t all you’ve taught Dick, Bruce.  He’s obviously taken your romantic lessons to heart.”


“Ha!  If he does, he’ll be in trouble.” But Bruce’s eyes sparkled as he drank his wine.


Dessert was served, Clark choosing lemon meringue pie and Bruce enjoying chocolate cake.  Clark finished his pie and his stomach began to flutter again.  His hand curled around the small box in his pocket.




“Why are you wining-and-dining Brucie here?  Why aren’t you pestering me?”


“Mxy, I thought you might enjoy something a little different.” Clark smiled his best smile.


Mxyzptlk rolled his eyes. “Am I losing my touch?  You don’t seem to care!”


“I told you, it’s different.” Clark’s eyes sparkled at Bruce, who was watching the confrontation with interest.


“Bat-Mite isn’t here, is he?” Bruce asked a little nervously.


“No, he isn’t!  Hmph!” Mxyzptlk crossed his arms and glared at Clark. “You’re not supposed to be a gentle, accepting soul!  You’re supposed to get me to say ‘Kltpzyxm’!” He clapped his hands over his mouth, eyes wide.


“Mxy!” Clark groaned.


Mxyptlk disappeared, and instantly the couples at the other tables turned into heterosexual couples.  Clark sadly took his hand out of his pocket.


Bruce blinked. “What was all that about?”


Clark looked carefully around at the other diners.  Most were heterosexual couples, yes, but a few were not.  And Bruce was still sitting across from him.  Hope flared in him.


He’d have to wait 90 days, but Mxyzptlk would be back.  He couldn’t help himself.  And maybe, just maybe, Clark could contact Bat-Mite and set something up with those two.  They bickered enough to be an old married couple.  And if Mxy liked the world of same-sex partnerships, maybe he’d snap his fingers and…


In the meantime, he had some wooing to do. 


He smiled charmingly. “Why, Bruce, forget Mxyzptlk.  Let’s say we go back to the Manor and have some popcorn and watch a little TV.”


Ninety days.  Not too long to wait at all.  






Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson/roy harper, golden age, mr. mxyzptlk, robin/speedy, superman/batman, topsy-turvy i: golden daze
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