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Goals For The Rest Of 2010

Well, I’ve got some writing goals for the remainder of 2010. My writing, which had been in a slump for a couple of months, is now re-energized by Halloween Muses! ;) Also by my offering of fic for my Fourth LJ Anniversary. Some great prompts there!

I’ll be posting Arc 7 of Rainbow’s Freedom the rest of the year while working on Arc 8, which is now up to Chapter 9. I also hit 1,200 pages yesterday. Not words, pages! LOL! All handwritten and filling several notebooks with a bazillion notes and outlines.

The Halloween stories are in various stages of the creative process: the Public Enemies story is three-quarters written, and the DC story is finished, but needs some tweaking before I post. The E! story is just in my head right now. I might even have a Samhain tale that will see the light of day.

I’m not sure if I’ll be hosting a Winter Holidays Challenge this year. Entries have dropped off for all of 2010’s Challenges, so I’ll see how the Halloween one goes before I decide.

I’m even making some headway in the Queue of Doom, LOL!

2010 has been interesting on the writing front. I’ve expanded to other fandoms but DC remains my primary fandom. I do have plans for a pretty long E! story that may include Starsky & Hutch. I haven’t worked that one out yet. And there will be more PE stories, too, not to mention my flyboys from Battlestar: Galactica and Star Wars. :)

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all who read my work and leave feedback! I’ve written in pre-Net days when you rarely got feedback at all unless someone came up to you at a con and said they liked your work or mentioned your story or poem in the lettercol, sometimes months or years after the work was published. I love getting feedback eons later, in zines or here on-line. What I’m talking about that it’s the first feedback you get, because zines could be months or years between issues, so the feedback was a little long in coming! ;)

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but Muses flag when you feel as if no one’s reading or caring. I’ll always write, but I am always re-energized when I know I’m not just writing in a vacuum. If you feed the Muses, like the loaves and fishes, the stories will multiply. Thank you kindly! ;)

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