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LJ Fourth Anniversary Fic Prompt Request Meme

Wow, it’s been four years since I’ve been on LJ! I consider it a double anniversary: on October 24, 2006, I created this journal. On November 12, 2006, I made my first post. :)

I’ve met some fantastic people here on LJ, and in my many fandoms. This is my ‘Happy Place’, and you’re a big part of that!

Why am I taking requests so early?

I’d like to be able to fulfill at least one or two requests by one of those anniversary dates, LOL! Maybe I can work some Halloween into the mix. ;)

The complete Master List is here.

I’m going to try for short pieces (ha, ha!) so in that spirit, I’m asking that you request only characters/pairings/threesomes that I’ve already written, and ONE WORD prompts only! I want the challenge of creating something out of a single word.

The pairings/threesomes that have their own Archive Pages are:




Clex (SV)

Public Enemies (Mel/Johnny, Mel/Johnny/Billie, and Mel/Carter, etc.)

Emergency! (Roy/Johnny)

Potpourri Archive: All other DC, Marvel, and non-comics pairings/threesomes can be found here.

Comics fandoms are great, but I’ve expanded my fandoms the past year and would be happy to take non-comics requests, too. You know my obsessions! ;)

I reserve the right to incorporate your request into existing and future Challenges of all types! ;)

Thank you for being such a wonderful flist! *hugs*

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