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Week 4: New England Patriots 41, Miami Dolphins 14 (3-1) (Monday, October 4, 2010)

Week 4: New England Patriots 41, Miami Dolphins 14 (3-1) (Monday, October 4, 2010)

Now THAT’S more like it! :)

Tom and the Patriots made history last night! It was the first time in the history of the NFL that a team scored in one game by running and passing TDs, field goal, pick-6, kick-off return TD, and scoring off a blocked punt and blocked field goal attempt. Tom got his 100th win, the fastest any QB has ever done it in history (it took 131 games).

The first half was kind of sluggish by the O and D, but once Brandon Tate ran back the opening kick-off in the second half, the floodgates opened! Ray Nikovitch made two INTs and ran one back for a TD. Danny Woodhead, picked up from the Jets two weeks ago, is already an integral part of the offense, scoring a TD. This guy is only five-foot-seven and weighs one-hundred-and-eighty pounds. He’s quick and smart and the typical Bill Belichick guy with his smarts and work ethic. BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran hard and picked up some good positive yardage. Patrick Chung had a night for the ages, blocking the punt and field goal and tackling all over the place. The young kids on defense are learning! Watch out, NFL! ;)

Tom was ecstatic over the win! BB was actually smiling! LOL! He was congratulating everyone on the sidelines as the game wound down.

If you tuned in, you saw a barn-burner in the second half!

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