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"Shield" (Smallville 10.2) (October 1, 2010)

"Shield" (Season 10) (Episode 2) (October 1, 2010)

I didn’t consider this week’s episode as exciting as last week’s, but if the opener gets you excited, that’s a good thing! :)

I did like the scenes between Carter and Lois and the story of destined love (you know I’m a sucker for that!), and the Egyptian dig did my little Egyptology heart good. ;) Deadshot was fun, but Cat irritated me no end. There’s just something about moralizing conservatives that get my hackles up.

Now, I remember Cat as the gossip queen of The Daily Planet, and rather slinky at that, but I’m thinking pre-Crisis. I have no idea if the post-Crisis Cat is the type of personality we saw on SV.

Tess was looking particularly beautiful in this episode. It’s always cool to see an actor looking exceptionally so. It happens every now and then, as if their aura is especially bright and charged on that particular day of filming.

I also liked her analysis of Chloe’s state-of-mind and convincing Oliver. I don’t know if Ollie will ever stop looking for Chloe, though. And no surprise that she isn’t dead. First of all, does anyone ever stay dead in comics? Just because the head of the Suicide Squad said it was suspicious but Chloe can outsmart the best of ‘em. And Ollie believing she wasn’t dead fits.

To be honest, Ollie, I think superheroes ought to have secret identities. Not only to protect their loved ones, but to allow them to remember what it’s like to live among humanity, and to have some down time away from the stresses of their peculiar jobs. Sure, Clark will not wear a mask, but he above all needs to remain Clark and live among humanity! God-like powers can warp even the most generous of souls if that soul isn’t careful. Bruce will tell him that someday. ;)

On the whole, the episode didn’t get me too excited, but the final scene did! Okay, the American flags waving in the breeze kinda reminded me of the George Reeves’ ‘50s show but combined with The Daily Planet globe and Clark looking so heroic…too bad his suit wasn’t under that zipped-up jacket. ;)

Yay! Next week Kara returns! I’ve missed her.

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