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A Fine Holiday!

Well, Christmas is over and it's Boxing Day in the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  The U.S. ought to adopt that tradition!  :)  Anyway, I went over to my sister's and we opened presents, delighted with everything we received, especially some special gifts purchased in Salem, and then there was a sumptuous dinner, followed by our laughing at A Christmas Story.  We had a great time together, and we plan to spend more time together this week before the New Year.  I can't believe it's going to be 2007 already!  

On a football note, the Patriots beat the Jaguars, 24-21 down in Jacksonville.  Patriots Nation held its collective breath as in the fourth quarter, our QB Tom Brady scrambled for a first down and was speared in the back by a vicious helmet hit.  The Jag will probably be fined and should have been flagged (he hit with no arms, leading with the helmet) but the officials missed it.  The replay shows in detail how hellacious a hit it was, and Tom was writhing in pain for a few minutes.  We fully expected him to be perhaps carted off on a stretcher but amazingly he bounced back up, was out for one play, and was right back in!  The kid is not only beautiful and talented, he's tough!  :)  So the Pats are in the playoffs for the fourth straight year and five out of the last six.  Don't be surprised to see this team in Miami come February!

Time is a funny thing.  When you're a kid, time is like molasses, especially on Christmas Eve.  When you're an adult, you're wondering how did it get to be Christmas again so soon?      
Tags: christmas, new england patriots, salem, tom brady
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