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"Lazarus" (Smallville 10.1) (September 24, 2010)

"Lazarus" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 1) (September 24, 2010)

Jeez, Jor-El, cut the kid a break! First you push him to become a dictator, then Earth’s Greatest Hero, and now you say he’s going to be Earth’s greatest threat. The darkness in his heart? It’s in every Human, every Kryptonian. Clark feels guilty about that darkness and is scared by it, with good reason, considering his powers, but he’ll have to learn to live with it, just like the rest of us. Bruce could tell him that. So could Diana. After all, they know what’s in shadows and war’s blood, don’t they?

I wonder if Brainiac is still corrupting the Jor-El programming?

I liked the hints previously of Chloe becoming the new Dr. Fate, and I think that would be a fitting end for her if they go in that direction. She’s the brains, and even Brainiac recognized that.

Once again, Lois knows the Secret, so it’s interesting that she took off after the incident in the cornfield. Probably trying to wrap her head around all this.

Jonathan showing up was a very nice touch. Poor Clark needs support. Martha’s never around anymore, Ollie’s still not back yet, Lois and Chloe are gone…nice juxtaposition with Jor-El telling Clark he will be Earth’s greatest threat, and Jonathan telling him that he’ll still be Earth’s Greatest Hero, though he will be tested, but Jonathan has faith in him. Jor-El never quite had that faith, did he?

And isn’t Terence Stamp, the voice of Jor-El this season, Zod from Superman II?

I like the sense of coming full circle, with the cross in the cornfield the starting point (along with the bridge) and now possibly heralding the end (of the show, at least).

It always felt mildly insulting when the producers of this show always went out of their way to proclaim ‘No flying, no suit’ over and over. It’s a cliché, but I’d dearly love for the last scene of Smallville to be Clark standing on the Daily Planet building, cape billowing out behind him in the classic Superman pose. Naturally, we probably won’t get that, but I find it amusing that all the costume hate over the years has now evolved to reverence for the costume (I was channelling the Batcave there for a minute with the suit in a trophy case in the Fortress). Never say never, eh?

It’s a nice idea for little Alexander to get a second chance, but with Tess raising him, I think the kid’s behind the eight ball before he even starts.

So they healed Tess’ face? I kind of wanted to see her with the scarring and having to hide it with spooky hoods and stuff. :) She could have always been in the shadows, bitter and twisted.

She and Lex are perfect examples of complex people: both are capable of great wrongdoing, and yet are capable of surprising generosity (as we saw from Lex early on).

I am an unreconstituted Clexer. I will never take the oath forsaking Clex, though I know it’s pretty much over. However, whether I’m seeing things or not, I loved Clark asking where the real Lex was when he met the clone (who looked like he might have done a Jason Todd and clawed out of his own grave, he was so cadaverous), and the clone knowing what was in Clark’s heart. I think a clever Clexer could use that to their advantage. ;) Also, Clark’s look of shock when he realizes the lab is full of Lex clones, which again a slasher could use to good advantage. You never forget your first love. ;)

I firmly believe that even though Clark is well aware of Lex’s evil now, there’s a tiny part of him who believes that Lex can still be saved somehow, that he saw the good in Lex years ago, and that tiny hope will always color his interactions with Lex. He might have nearly killed the clone, but he didn’t consider that really Lex. His heart would have broken if he’d seen Alexander. He remembers his encounter with Alexander in Lex’s head long ago.

The clone was right about one thing: Clark and Lex are alike in many ways, that is, before Lex’s darkness took over. They had a connection there that people can scoff at, but it’s true. If Lex hadn’t turned to the Dark Side (but even Darth Vader redeemed himself in the end!), he would have been right by Clark’s side, hero and genius together. Now their willpower and knowledge of each other will be used against them.

Love turned to hate: the most powerful emotion of all.

There’s a reason that all of Clark’s important women in his life are LL: Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and more, and one male with those initials. ;)

Well, looks like SV has started off with a bang! Here’s to a wild ride in the final season!

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