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Thank You!!!

Whee! It was a nice, peaceful birthday. I had the day off and did some light chores, took a walk, and played on-line for the afternoon. I’d planned to sit outside in the gazebo, but it was too cold and rainy today. No biggie. I like walking in the rain, and while the cold was too much for sitting, it wasn’t even necessary to wear a jacket. It was 60 degrees and certainly warm enough to go without. I treated myself to deli food: a meatball-and-sausage grinder with green peppers and onions, macaroni salad, and a Whoopie Pie for dessert. ;)

So, one of the best things about the day was all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts I received! THANK YOU all! *hugs* I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me! *cries with joy*

I received:

Cheerful Greetings from:

eternal_moonie, ladyneige, svgurl (Christian & Brandon!), ilovetobefree (Sparkling rose!), starsandsea, rocaw, neversince, charliemc, ladyblkrose, paxwolf, lilacs_roses, lauramcewan, Angeloz, saavikam77, lee_ashburn, gairid, khylara, darkeyedresolve, jen_rock, and ladybugkay.

Lovely V-Gifts from:

svgurl, jeannev, northern_star, patrese1, carolandtom, vigilante_wake, and kittymayhem (Flowers, a wrapped birthday gift, a birthday cupcake, champagne ‘n roses, balloons, a bellflower, and a ruby heart!)

A gorgeous cover for my Roy/Johnny story, Angels’ Tears by ctbn60.

An amazing pic of Tom Brady by ilovetobefree.

Fantabulous Fic from:

kirax2, who wrote Imbolc, a lovely Bat-Family tale. It doubles as an entry into the 2010 DCU Fic/Art The Wheel Of The Year Challenge. Woot! ;)

mithen, who gifted me with True Faces, an exquisite tale starring Steve/Diana and Clark/Bruce. *squees*

khylara, who wrote One Year Later, a beautifully romantic Mel/Johnny tale. Perfect! :)

rocaw, who wrote Morning, a response to my prompt of angsty Steve/Diana. *sniffs*

starsandsea, who wrote the absolutely lovely Twelve Dancing Amazons, written to my prompt of a fairytale starring Steve/Diana. *squees again*

Wonderful Fanart from:

min_taiwan, who drew me a beautiful Clark/Bruce illo with a birthday cupcake! ;)

hitokaji, who took my prompt of Batman sheltering Wee!Robin, with Robin’s sparkle peeking out, and added a third little one to the mix! ;)
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