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Week 3: New England Patriots 38, Buffalo Bills 30 (2-1) (Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Week 3: New England Patriots 38, Buffalo Bills 30 (2-1) (Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Rollercoaster day! The best news is that the Pats won the game, but allowed the sorry Bills to score 30 points! The defense is VERY shaky. It’s like a freakin’ sieve! Happily Tom and the offense scored plenty of points, but it’s a ton of pressure on them to score on every possession (which they didn’t do even today). Danny Woodhead, a small, scrappy player cut from the Jets, scored his first TD. He may be able to help fill in the vacancy left by Kevin Faulk, who is out for the season with a torn ACL. Kevin was a versatile, dependable player, especially on third down, who was excellent at pass protection and catching the ball our of the backfield and piling up YAC. He will be sorely missed, but other guys will have to step up, just like Tom did when he came in for an injured Drew Bledsoe in 2001.

The team will give us thrills, but defense wins championships. Unless this defense comes together quickly, the Pats will be in trouble. Bills’ QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Harvard grad), looked great against the leaky D. Good thing Tom was brilliant today! He and Randy connected twice on TDs. BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran for 98 yards on 16 carries and got a TD.

Beautiful color around the stadium as the trees are beginning to turn down there. And once again, for the 15th straight time, the Pats beat the Bills. The Bills have never won in this new stadium (new since 2002), and last beat the Patriots in 2003.

Next week: the Miami Dolphins down south on Monday Night Football!
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