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Fic: Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (3/5)

Title: Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (3/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Alfred, Dick, Lois/Lana
Categories: Humor, Fluff
Rating: (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: What if the whole world went topsy-turvy?
Summary (this chapter): Clark decides that courting a millionaire would be fun. Especially when the millionaire is Bruce.
Date Of Completion: June 27, 2007
Date Of Posting: June 29, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 919
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: This story came about from a set of scans jen_in_japan had posted not too long ago. We were both laughing at the kissing booth scenario, and how it was a fad of the Golden Age years. So I came up with this Golden Age story. Since it takes place during those years of the past (probably early ‘50s), ‘billionaire’ Bruce Wayne is a ‘millionaire’, there are references to gossip queens Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper, etc. :)
Also, go check out Jen’s own take on the theme: Services Rendered. 





Wayne Manor was always stately and Clark always enjoyed visiting.  Today he came as Clark Kent, having changed at super-speed in the woods.  He decided that it was time to return the favor that Bruce had shown him.  He stepped up on the veranda, wearing tan pants and a blue sport jacket over his white shirt.  He wanted a casual look, and his usual suit wouldn’t, well, suit him.  He grinned and raised his hand.  Knocking on the door, he heard Alfred’s footsteps.


“Master Clark!  How nice to see you!” the butler said as he opened the door.


“Hello, Alfred.  Is Bruce in?”


“In his study.  Let me announce you.”


Clark followed Alfred and grinned at the surprised looks on Bruce and Dick’s faces.  Dick’s grin was blinding as he said, “Hey, Clark!”


“Hey, yourself,” Clark said with a wink.  He answered, “Lemonade,” to Alfred’s inquiry as to what he would like to drink, and marched to the overstuffed chair that contained Bruce.


Bruce was smiling now and set aside his newspaper. “So, what brings you to Gotham?”




And Clark swept Bruce up into a deep, passionate kiss, Dick’s applause nearly causing Clark to break the kiss from laughter.  When he finally did break away, Bruce gasped and stared at him.


“You sure know how to payback!”


“Well, in this case, payback was sweet for two.”


Bruce laughed and nodded. “I take it you’d like to stay for dinner?”


“Better than that.  I want to go out on the town.”


Bruce raised an eyebrow. “Okay.”


Clark felt very smug as he drank the lemonade that Alfred had brought him.


& & & & & &


When he went to work at the Planet the next day, of course his date with Bruce had made the Society section.  A tip given to Cat Grant from a Gotham source had his name and Bruce’s splashed in the paper, because any time Bruce Wayne dated it was news, and Clark was a name well-known in Metropolis. 


“Wow, you’ve got your cap set for a millionaire.  Pretty slick, Clark,” Lois said.  She was looking perky in her cherry-red tailored suit, her dark hair stylishly short.


“We’ve got to take our opportunities when we can, Lois.”


“That’s true.” Her blue eyes sparkled, and Clark noticed Lana Lang heading their way.  Lana’s red hair was perfectly coiffed, her green suit a perfect complementary match for that hair. 


“Hello, dear.”


“Mmm, nice to see you, dear.” Lois took Lana’s hand and they kissed.


Clark smiled.  It was nice to see the two rivals actually getting along!  Maybe this world wasn’t so bad after all. 


“Do you have another date with millionaire Bruce Wayne today, Clark?” asked Lana.


“No, not today, but I am going with him to a charity event in Gotham.”


“Will it have a kissing booth?” Lana laughed. “Did you see the picture of Batman kissing Superman at the Children’s Hospital Fair?”


“I did.” Clark felt proud but made sure it didn’t show.  Secret identities were still secret identities.


“Nice to see the Bat relaxing with Superman,” said Lois.


Clark had to agree.


His thoughts turned to last evening…


& & & & & &


The dinner had gone splendidly, they’d danced at a popular nightclub (Bruce insisting that he lead) and now here they were, on the front porch of Wayne Manor, Bruce’s eyes sparkling as he said, “Good night, Clark,” fully expecting a kiss.


He got one.


And a little more.


& & & & & &


Clark’s smile was very happy as Lois and Lana chatted about lunch plans.


& & & & & &


The fair was for the Gotham Children’s Hospital this time, the same people running this event as they had organized the one in Metropolis.  Dick had smirked about the organizers contacting him for the kissing booth this time, and he was doing a land-office business with eager young male high-schoolers lined up for teenaged kisses.  Dick winked at them and his smile was brilliant as his charm shone. 


Clark slipped his hand in Bruce’s.  The freedom was a heady sensation.  He had never dared indulge his secret desires until the world had been changed by Mxyzptlk.  He supposed he would have to try and get him to change it back, but he was having too much fun with it this way.


The carnival booths were set up along the Common, Gotham’s citizenry taking part in the games of chance and skill.  Bruce smiled as he saw a huge stuffed teddy bear. He squeezed Clark’s hand and let go, walking up to the carny.  “I’d like to try for that bear, my good man.”


“Sure, Mr. Wayne.” The elderly carny winked at Clark, who felt like giggling as if he was back in high school.  Bruce was going to win him a teddy bear!  Would wonders never cease!


Bruce took the air rifle, aimed it at the mechanical ducks running by on the conveyer belt, and shot the amount needed to win the bear.  He off-handedly commented in his best playboy voice, “I’m pretty good at duck hunting,” and happily took the bear from the carny.  He turned around and presented it to Clark with a wink and a smile.


Clark took it, kissing Bruce in thanks.  His heart filled with happiness, he enjoyed the rest of the fair.


High above, a disgruntled imp watched the scene.


“Sappy!” he said, but he had to admit, at least it was different.  Frowning, he popped out.






Tags: alfred pennyworth, clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson, golden age, lois lane/lana lang, robin, superman/batman, topsy-turvy i: golden daze
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