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Emergency! Fiction Archive

Emergency! Fiction Archive

(Slash, Het, & Gen)

This page will be for all my Emergency! fiction (slash, het, and gen). Recently I rekindled an old love for this show and especially for Roy and Johnny. I have a lot of ideas for the boys, and for the other characters as well. :)

There will be a note on the old page (Potpourri) leading people here.


"Sticks And Stones..." (Roy/Johnny) (6/7/10)

A routine call for Station 51 turns into anything but when one of their own is attacked.

Melting (Roy/Johnny) (7/12/10)

Nightmares visit Johnny after a particularly bad fire.

Angels (Joanne, Roy/Johnny) (7/16/10)

Joanne may no longer be Roy’s wife, but she still dreads the day when the official Fire Department car pulls up in front of her house with the news that every firefighter’s family fears.

"...But I Still Love You, Anyway" (Roy/Johnny) (7/21/10)

Roy can’t stay annoyed with Johnny for long.

Angels' Tears (Roy/Johnny) (8/10/10)

In Johnny’s desperate hour of need, his Angel comes to him.

The Old Married Couple Moments Series: (Roy/Johnny)

Inspired by my essay, Old Married Couple Moments. :)

Old Married Couple Moments I: One Cup, One Plate, One Heart, One Soul (9/5/10)

Roy and Johnny are two tired paramedics who need a pick-me-up.

Old Married Couple Moments II: Squad Shenanigans (9/25/10)

A deserted country road + two frisky paramedics = a recipe for fun! :)

Old Married Couple Moments III: Movie Night At Station 51 (10/3/10)

It’s Movie Night at Station 51.

The Celtic Moon Series: (Roy/Johnny)

Tales of the paranormal involving our favorite paramedics and those who love them. :)

Celtic Moon I: Golden Eagle (10/28/10)

Something Wicked This Way Waits.

Chapter One: History

Chapter Two: Signs And Visions

Chapter Three: Gilded

Chapter Four: Joyful Melancholia

Chapter Five: Patterns

Chapter Six: Darkness Coming

Chapter Seven: Emerald Fire

Imbalance (Roy/Johnny) (1/30/11)

When Roy and Johnny fight, all is not right with the world.

Ashes-To-Ashes (Roy/Johnny) (5/2/11)

Firefighters, sacrifice, death.

The Brotherhood (Chapters 1-5) (Roy/Johnny) (6/8/11)

When rumors fly around the Fire Department that Roy and Johnny are a little too close, trouble ensues.

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