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It's Been A Long, Dry Spell

Hello, luvs! Well, I did it! I finally started writing the eighth and final arc of Rainbow's Freedom tonight! This was the longest hiatus I took yet, and as I mentioned before, I think my Muses were balking because they know this is it. Even it it splits into two arcs due to length, it's not going anywhere beyond that, at least not in this present format.

So, it's been a long, dry spell! I do have to express gratitude toward my fave firefighters, Roy and Johnny, for keeping my Muses going as much as they were during this spell, otherwise I would have gone bananas without writing anything a'tall if it wasn't for Station 51's pretty men. :)

I should be able to start posting the 54 chapters of Arc 7 fairly soon, once I've got my rhythm going for the eighth arc. Hopefully you'll all find both arcs worth the wait! :)
Tags: emergency!, fanfic, rainbow's freedom, roy desoto/johnny gage, writing
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