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*facepalm* I forgot to add this story into my previous story recs, so here it is. I threw in a couple of more as bonuses. They’re all Emergency! so you’ll probably bypass clicking on the links but maybe you’ll enjoy reading my recs, anyway. ;) Man, I just bawled my eyes out reading a deathfic and need to concentrate on some other stories. Damnit, where’s a tissue or two or three when you need one?

So, since I’m not writing anything else, I’ll tackle crafting the recs! All are gen but are emotional slash (my term and opinion).

What The Boys Do by E!lf-- The Roy/Johnny friendship is featured in this story within the framework of quietly lauding the courage of firefighters. It’s one thing to intellectually understand that your friends walk through fire routinely, but it’s quite another to see it up-close-and-personal. The matter-of-fact way this story is written fits the mood perfectly, because it’s just What The Boys Do.


Brackett put an arm around his head nurse's shoulders. "Come on, Dix. Let them go. This is what the boys do."

Dixie let Brackett pull her away and she and the three doctors started down the steps as Roy and Johnny replaced their masks and headed up. Halfway down to the second floor the four friends stopped and turned to watch the two young firemen climb to the top of the staircase. The door leading to the restaurant now billowed black smoke and red flames reflected on the white paint of the stairwell, dancing and casting grotesque shadows.

Without a backwards glance or an instant's hesitation, Roy and Johnny disappeared into the conflagration. The Rampart staffers turned and went on down the stairs and outside, where Marco Lopez met them and led them back behind the fire line. After making sure they weren't hurt, Marco left them and returned to fighting the fire.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place—Part 1

Between A Rock And A Hard Place—Part 2 by JackE!--I’m not even sure how I can convey my feelings about this story, but I’ll give it a go. It’s…I was yelling, “No! No! Don’t do it!” at the computer screen. We in fandom have an advantage over aired canon: we can kill or permanently disable the characters, or put them through a psychological wringer that you don’t usually get in episodic television. Sure, in the last twenty years of so, Hollywood has gotten bolder in changing the dynamics of a series by killing off or maiming characters, but it’s still not routine. This is not a deathfic, BTW.

In this story, emotions are raw, close to the edge as the world begins to spin around. Three of Station 51’s firefighters are trapped in a basement after a house literally falls on them following an earthquake’s aftershocks. They spend hours in dire straits, and there are stark choices to be made even after locating the men, choices that will devastate the victims and their loved ones, cutting the hearts out of them as inevitably, inexorably, the clock counts down…


Dixie dropped to her knees. At first, the men around her thought she was simply peering into the hole below. It was only after one man noticed her closed eyes and bowed his own head that everyone realized the nurse was praying. A ripple effect took place. Within seconds, several dozen people were in silent prayer.

It was the silence that made the sound from below so startling.

"What the hell?" Dixie fell forward onto her hands. Her eyes shot open.

Bound By Friendship by Susan Proto--This can be read in two ways: as a gentle spoof of we who enjoy slash and/or friendship fic, or read straight-up as drama, with a bit of awe, because stranger things have happened in real life. The power of love never ceases to amaze.


They'd reached for each other just as the second explosion hit the building. By the time the third explosion rocked them, their hands were clenched around one another's wrists. Mountains of debris fell and buried them; their contact, however, remained unbroken.

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