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Bit Of A Scare (News About Tom Brady)

New England held its collective breath this morning at the news that Tom Brady was involved in a two-car accident in Boston's Back Bay at 6:34 A.M. this morning. Tom was driving to work in Foxboro (yes, football players get up VERY early during the season!) and, according to witnesses (including an off-duty Boston police officer who was at the scene), had the green light at the intersection (corner of Commonwealth Ave. and Gloucester) when a red van ran the red light, and they collided. The front end of Tom's Audi was totaled, and the red van was such a mess that a passenger in the back had to be removed with the Jaws of Life. The man is in serious but not life-threatening condition at Brigham & Women's Hospital.

The streetlight was ripped up from its foundation, and glass was literally everywhere.

Tom was shaken, but refused to go to the hospital. After being checked out by the paramedics, he called for a ride and is at Gillette Stadium now practicing on the field. He is fine, according to a statement, and is concerned about the older gentleman who ended up in the hospital.

Whew! It was a moment of your-heart-going-down-into-your-stomach. Sure, it's not the level of concern as it would be for a family or friend, but if we can be concerned over fictional characters, I'm going to be concerned for a man I admire. Certainly his health affects the football team, but my first concern is for the man himself. Happily he seems to be fine.

I must be watching too much Emergency! lately. I assess situations as to fire and other hazards more than ever now, and when I suffer injuries, I automatically weigh whether I should go to the ER or not! LOL! So while people can walk away from car crashes (as did Tom), he could have been severely injured or killed! So his karma was good today.

The last time something like this happened was Tedy Bruschi's stroke in 2005. Happily he came all the way back from that to play football again at a high level.
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