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Latest Kerfluffle! :)

Hi, all! Well, the latest LJ kerfluffle is upon us! Can't be LJ without fuss, can it? :)

I'm firm in that I DO NOT WANT any of my entries to be cross-posted to Facebook or Twitter. There's a reason I f-lock posts and don't use my 'real' name here on LJ. Thanks for respecting my wishes.

As for DW, I have no plans to move over there. I thought about cross-posting but you have to post at DW first to cross-post. I'm too time-stressed to learn all the little ins and outs over there. And you can't import comms. No way am I starting all over again on DW with the three I'm modding now.

This too shall pass. LJ will always do something to make your teeth grind. My fannish home is here and will remain so for the foreseeable future. DW is a back-up journal only at this time. You're free to friend me over there if you'd like. I'm the same name.

I'm the type of person who is the last one to leave and turn out the lights. I'm a bitter-ender and a die-hard. Just my stubborn personality. ;)
Tags: dreamwidth, kerfluffle, lj
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