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Story Recs: A Richness Of Quality

I’m going to rec some non-DC stuff tonight. Yes, there will be E! included. ;) However, I have another fandom that is well worth the rec. I know that sometimes I’m in the mood for something beyond my usual reading, and when someone whose tastes match mine and whom I trust recs something new, I click it on for at least a peek. Hopefully my recc’ing skills can pique some curiosity! These stories are exquisite slash and gen (but are what I call emotional slash) with a nice, spooky piece included! ;)

Sacrifice by Josephine Darcy. This is an Apollo/Starbuck story from Battlestar: Galactica: TOS. The story uses the fannish trope of the boys having to pretend to be lovers (at first), but is done in such a way that it appears fresh. With the Fleet on the brink of starvation, the mission that Apollo and Starbuck embark on is vital. The Corvalans believe that only bonded Lifemates can fully participate in society, and Apollo and Starbuck must play those roles in order to negotiate for the desperately-needed food and fuel. The story is told from Starbuck’s POV and is rich in language and moments that showcase the growing feelings between the two. The author’s description of the Corvalans is incredibly lush and evocative, as is her descriptions of the alien architecture and landscape. If you enjoy language and its ability to evoke images awash with color and grace while presenting a highly nuanced picture of a relationship blossoming into love, you will enjoy this story.


He fell immediately in step beside his Captain, careful to always remain on Apollo's left side as he'd been instructed. He quickly noted however that one more detail had been overlooked -- the Corvalans were all holding hands. He immediately reached over and caught hold of Apollo's left hand. He felt his friend stiffen slightly, but made no move to throw off his grasp. Instead he simply shot Starbuck a brief glance and a barely imperceptible nod indicating that he too had noticed the custom.

Emergency! recs: all of these are gen, but all except the first are what I consider to be ‘emotional slash’:

Ghoul Me Once by The Twits. A humorous, spooky Halloween tale guaranteed to set you in the mood for the holiday that will be here before you know it!


Chet lagged behind. He had a bad feeling about the substitute captain. Something about that voice. . . When he joined the others in the apparatus bay and saw the temporary supervisor, the stocky fireman froze. It’s HIM.

As the men lined up for roll call, they eyed the man in front of them. None knew much about Captain Billy Baker, but rumors were that he was a bit eccentric. He’d only recently transferred into the county from a station up North near San Francisco.

Mind Over Matter by Gwen Doucet

This story focuses on the Roy/Johnny friendship as some interesting mystical elements are added, showing the strength of the human spirit and mind.

As the URL for this story keeps kicking you back to the main page, I’ll give you a few instructions. It’s worth the jumping through hoops, believe me! ;)

Click on:

Once there, click on KMG 365 (the fiery letters)

Click the KMG365 Archive link located at the top of the page.

Scroll down to author Gwen Doucet and click on Mind Over Matter. Enjoy! ;)


Johnny suddenly looked very young, unsure of himself. “Just trying to figure out what I did to make you so mad at me. I mean, I know I can be a pain sometimes, okay, sometimes I can be kind of immature but that never bothered you before.”

True Feelings by K. Hanna Korossy

This author writes incredibly beautiful emotional slash. She focuses on Roy and Johnny in her stories and places them in backdrops with small, telltale moments that are a slasher’s dream, even though her stories are gen. The subtlety and beauty can be quite breathtaking. You can certainly read them as gen/friendship/brotherhood, but also as pre-slash or slash, if that’s how your particular prisms bend the light.

This first story focuses on Roy’s reaction to his partner being trapped in a building that’s just exploded. Told from fellow firefighter Chet’s POV, it’s a wonderful window into the special relationship shared by the two paramedics.


Chet nodded. Roy’s hand curled briefly around Johnny’s to give it a squeeze, and Chet minded his own business as DeSoto bent briefly down to say something to his partner. Then the two of them got their arms behind the injured paramedic’s back and knees, lifting him in a two-handed carry.

Johnny groaned again at the movement, the sound choking as his leg was lifted off the floor. Chet barely got a glance at his white, blood-streaked face before Johnny crushed it against Roy’s coat, his hand grasping at his partner and finally hooking onto the edge of the unfastened turnout coat, clutching it hard as he panted through obvious pain.

Anything this woman writes is well worth reading. My second recommendation is More Than A Nuisance, told by Mary, a physical therapist as she watches her patient (Johnny) agonize over a television report about a fire that his crewmates are involved in, and the aftermath as several injured firefighters are brought to the hospital, including Roy.


But this—this taut worry was new to her. Mary could only stand back and watch, more than a little concerned, her changed patient.

John seemed to have forgotten all about his broken leg and other injuries, leaning forward in bed with rapt attention to the television. He didn’t even seem aware of her being there, straining to catch any word of how the fire was progressing, a far cry from the charmer she’d encountered so far. When they mentioned injuries, she could see his fingers dig into the blankets, the knuckles blanching at the ferocity of his grip. The other hand ran through his hair, tousling it, not that he would have cared. Nothing seemed to matter anymore but the words of the news reporter.

This was her slick, childlike patient?

Hope these will whet your curiosity! Just sharin' the luv, baby! ;)

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