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Old Married Couple Moments

Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s angstfest E! episode, Virus. Johnny falls ill to a mysterious virus that’s brought down others, too, but the virus is a new strain no one’s ever seen before. Roy does some wonderful worrying and emo’ing over his partner. ;) When he finally has to go back to work and leave Johnny's side, he’s told his replacement partner’s waiting for him out in the squad. “My temporary partner,” he says.

Roy and Johnny are the paramedics of Station 51’s A-Shift, and the four other firefighters work off the engine (Big Red). All six spend 24 hours at a time with each other, sharing meals and sleeping in the dorm at night when they’re not called out. Roy and Johnny sleep about two feet away from each other. ;)

They really are a family instead of just paying lip service to that fact. All six guys are friends, bicker, squabble, and save each other’s lives in fires or on other dangerous rescues. Chet and Johnny share a Spock/McCoy relationship: eternally bickering but always there when the chips are down. Chet is Johnny’s closest friend after Roy though both would rather die than admit it. Within the family of six are Roy and Johnny, partners and Old Married Couple. ;)

In honor of one of E!’s finest emo episodes, enjoy some slashy moments between the guys throughout the series!

Old Married Couple Moments (Spoilers Included):

Awhile ago they were showing Season 7, which consists of two-hour movies instead of 22 hour-long episodes. The entire supporting cast has been cut out, but Roy and Johnny remain. Most of the movies aren’t worth watching (unlike the episodes, which are the real series, IMO), but the San Francisco movies had some interesting moments between the boys.

In the first movie, Roy plans to go out on the town while Johnny has a date. He won’t say where, though. Hmm. Now why would Roy keep where he’s going in 1970s San Francisco from Johnny? ;)

In the second movie, Johnny is ready to go out on the town but after a tiring day of riding along as observers on rescues, Roy announces he’s going to stay in his comfortable hotel room, order room service, and watch a film he’s been trying to catch for a long time in this era of pre-VCRs. Johnny is flabbergasted that he’d stay in his room while they’re in San Francisco.

The next scene shows Roy with his room service sandwich and enjoying the movie, which is a black-and-white film that looks very Ingmar Bergman. Johnny starts to watch and gets caught up in the movie, Roy looking at him with amusement, and Johnny takes the second half of his sandwich off his plate. The ‘morning after’ scene lets us know that Johnny stayed to watch the whole movie with Roy instead of going out. And he didn’t even understand most of the movie! Ah, what we’ll do for love. ;)

Johnny does have a habit of taking food off Roy’s plate or taking the cup of coffee Roy’s just poured and drinking it himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if he drank out of the cup after Roy just took a sip. I just saw a Simon & Simon episode the other night (Double Play), in which Rick did that to A.J. after his younger brother had already taken a sip, and A.J. never even blinked as he took the cup back. The Simons are brothers so I’m not wrong in saying that siblings share drinks? I know I’ve done it with my sister. However, it might fall under the heading of Old Married Couple Syndrome for Roy and Johnny. ;) Johnny does it without permission from Roy, implying that Roy has granted it, despite him sometimes being exasperated in having to get another cup of coffee or fix another sandwich.

In an early season E! episode, poor Roy finds himself on the end of the silent treatment from his partner and doesn’t know why. Johnny doesn’t exactly say, “Well, if you don’t know what’s wrong, I’m not going to tell you”, but when Roy asks (while fixing another sandwich, heh heh), he pretty much says, “You know why!” It turns out that Johnny’s miffed because Chet told him that Roy had said that Johnny’s a nut. Roy tries to be diplomatic but Johnny is a lovable nut! Anyway, Johnny can’t stay mad at Roy for long. It was just a funny scene that reminded me of Old Married Couple squabbling.

When Johnny goes on a rant, Roy usually regards him with fond exasperation. When he’s got a hare-brained idea, Roy will say, “Leave me out of this, Junior”, though he sometimes gets caught up. Roy knows how to handle Johnny when he’s on a rant. That instinctive handling also comes from long practice! LOL!

Ranting by Johnny on his topic of the day is tough for Roy to sidestep as their squad (the small truck as opposed to the big engine) doesn’t have a big cab. You can squeeze three people in it but it’s a tight fit. When they’re not on a run, Johnny’s body language is usually very casual, leaning his arm on the window or canting his body toward Roy, who’s usually the driver. There's less space in that cab than you'd find in an ordinary car's front seats. It's not surprising that they've probably brushed up against each other in that small space, and they spend so much time in that cab! ;)

Not exactly an Old Married Couple Moment, but I couldn't resist inserting mention of a scene in which Johnny is testing a friend's new rope design off a building, and it goes haywire. He ends up hanging upside-down, bent in half with his legs up, and Roy has to come to the rescue, getting a very nice, close view of the Gage assets! ;) Very reminiscent of something our Dick Grayson would do. ;)

Personal space isn’t exactly acknowledged by these two. The sleeping arrangements, as mentioned before, has them side-by-side and without a huge gap of space between their beds. They’re assigned those beds because they’re the paramedic team and go on separate runs from the engine at times, but they still fall asleep listening to the other’s breathing. ;)

Others refer to them as Royandjohnny.

They are partners and that relationship is sacrosanct. The way they’re asked, “Where’s that partner of yours?” does sound at times like “Where’s your better half?” ;)

Dixie McCall, head nurse of Rampart General Hospital’s ER, is a sharp observer of the boys. When one is grumpy, she’ll ask the other the problem, and she always picks up on any tension between the two. Roy is usually very patient, but sometimes he and Johnny squabble, and the bickering is, yes, very Old Married Couple. ;)

Johnny chases anything in a skirt but it’s canon that he rarely ever has a second date with any of them. Gotta keep up appearances, y’know. ;) There’s also references to Johnny doing things with Roy and his family.

Understandably, they do quite a bit together as they’re the two paramedics on A-Shift, but it’s pretty much like they’re joined at the hip while on duty, studying together for recertification, drinking coffee together, and often sitting next to each other for meals. In fact, all the chairs around the kitchen table can be empty and yet they’ll sit right down next to each other, and pretty close, too. Again, that non-existent personal space thing. ;)

I enjoyed watching a scene from an episode last week in which the boys practically choreographed their movements as they dipped their mops into the bucket for cleaning the apparatus bay floor while holding a serious conversation. It's interesting to ponder whether such in-sync movements are driven by the director, the actors, or is subconscious by the actors. Leonard Nimoy often talked about subconscious acting choices in his role as Spock.

The chemistry between actors Kevin Tighe and Randy Mantooth was always strong, and from what I've read, continued off-screen as well, to this day, which isn't always the case, after all.

Lots of good dramatic moments and such to natter about, but these are just some of the Old Married Couple Moments that I thought I’d share. ;)

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