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Preseason (Week 2) New England Patriots 28, Atlanta Falcons 10 (2-0) (Thursday, August 19, 2010)

Preseason (Week 2) New England Patriots 28, Atlanta Falcons 10 (2-0) (Thursday, August 19, 2010)

The boys looked sharp last night! The first string was in fine form, and Wes Welker, only six months after major knee surgery, caught a couple of passes! He’s an amazing story. ACL and MCL tears usually take longer than this to come back from, even with the state of current medicine, but he’s lookin’ pretty darned good already! Bodes well for the offense.

The running backs got it going last night. Even though it’s more like run the ball to set up the pass instead of using the pass to set up the run nowadays, you still need a solid running game. Sammy Morris and Fred Taylor looked really good. They’re both veterans but they’re crafty! ;)

Tom looked good, both because he’s gorgeous and as a quarterback. ;) He is fired up to get the bad taste of that home playoff loss to Baltimore last season out of his mouth. He and Randy connected on some passes, but the tight ends were utilized even more. Finally! The Pats haven’t used their tight ends in a couple of years now. We need tight ends (in more ways than one)! ;)

It was amusing to hear reports from practice that the Patriots were bewildered at the fifteen-minute breaks the Falcons got, and the ‘cool zone’, where players could go under a tent and mist was sprayed on them. Of course, Georgia heat is far worse than Massachusetts, but it was still a culture shock, LOL. The Pats have plenty of water and Gatorade available and no one is out there with heatstroke, but forget breaks. You’re out there for almost two hours and you work on different things in 15-minute increments. Cool zones are getting close to 350-pound nose tackle Vince Wilfork and standing in his shadow. ;)

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