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Poll: What Story Leaves The Queue Of Doom Next?

Hi, luvs! I'm been typing up a few stories from the queue in my notebook and decided to ask for help on what should be the next one I type. I'm busy with DC Comics and PE stories that have deadlines and are promised fics, but I wanted to jumpstart the other fandoms I have written out.

Note: Apparently, It Takes A Thief is the ancestor to the current White Collar, so I've heard. :) The original is the '60s show that starred Robert Wagner as the suave master thief, Al Mundy, who chose working for the SIA over prison. The show co-stars Malachi Throne as Noah Bain.

Just a quick warning: the It Takes A Thief story deals with the aftermath of torture, and some mutilation is described. Nothing extremely detailed, but just wanted to warn.

Thanks for voting! :)

Poll #1606197 What Story Leaves The Queue Of Doom Next?
This poll is closed.

Which Non-DC Comics Story Should Be Typed Up Next?

On a routine mission for the Rebellion, Han and Luke find trouble. (Han/Luke, Star Wars)
Starbuck maintains a vigil by his seriously-ill lover's side. (Apollo/Starbuck, BSG: TOS)
No matter what, Starbuck will always have Apollo's back. (Apollo/Starbuck, BSG: TOS)
Sometimes an agent is too broken to put back together. (It Takes A Thief, Gen)
Captain Stanley reviews his files on his men at Station 51. (Emergency!, Gen)
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