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Fic: Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (1/5)

Title: Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (1/5) 
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Dick 
Categories: Humor, Fluff 
Rating: (this chapter): G 
Warnings: None 
Spoilers: None 
General Summary: What if the whole world went topsy-turvy? 
Summary (this chapter): Clark’s time in a kissing booth sets strange events in motion. 
Date Of Completion: June 25, 2007 
Date Of Posting: June 28, 2007 
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity. 
Word Count: 503 
Feedback welcome and appreciated. 
Author’s Note: This story came about from a set of scans jen_in_japan  had posted not too long ago. We were both laughing at the kissing booth scenario, and how it was a fad of the Golden Age years. So I came up with this Golden Age story. Since it takes place during those years of the past (probably early ‘50s), ‘billionaire’ Bruce Wayne is a ‘millionaire’, there are references to gossip queens Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper, etc. :) Also, go check out Jen’s own take on the theme: Services Rendered.





Clark kept the smile on his face as he stood in the kissing booth facing a long line of eager females.  Well, this was for charity, the Children’s Hospital, in fact, so he tamped down his nervousness and tried to project a suave, debonair image.


Of course, Bruce was better at that in his playboy persona.  He was just a farmboy from Kansas.


But Clark hadn’t been in the limelight for so many years without learning a few tricks.  As he kissed the first woman in line, he kept up a warm smile and spoke a few words after the kiss to make the woman comfortable, despite his own discomfort. 


He was making good progress when suddenly he looked up and saw Bruce!  Actually, Batman.  Startled, he smiled and said, “Batman, good to see you again.  What can I do for you?” Was there some emergency that Bruce needed assistance with?


“A kiss, my good man.” Bruce presented his ticket.


Clark’s eyes widened as he looked down at the ticket, then he looked up again at the smiling face under the cowl. 


“Um, Batman, I think you’ve made an error…”


“No.” Bruce shook his head, and Clark would have sworn the blue eyes behind the white lenses were sparkling.  That was when he saw Robin, leaning casually against a cotton candy booth, arms crossed and amused affection on his young face.


“But…” Clark tried to think fast.  There must be some sort of weirdness going on here.  Surely Bruce didn’t want to kiss him in front of all these people!  Kissing between men, as much as Clark might want this, was frowned upon.  He blushed a little at the thought.


“Well, c’mon, Superman, I haven’t got all day.” Batman fanned the ticket in front of his face before setting it down on the counter.


That’s when Clark noticed that the line now consisted of men, not women!  The photographers taking pictures and the reporters writing their stories didn’t seem fazed at all.  In fact, Lois and Jimmy seemed more amused than horrified.  What in the name of blue blazes was going on here?


He decided that kissing Bruce was probably going to be the best thing he did all day, and he leaned forward. 


Lips met, and the kiss was definitely not of the perfunctory variety.  In fact, Bruce’s hand was pressing his head closer, and his tongue was slipping inside…


Clark hastily broke off the kiss, not wanting to get all hot ‘n’ heavy in public, especially since he couldn’t still quite believe that no one seemed very upset at men kissing!


“Okay, Superman,” Bruce said in a low voice, “we’ll finish this later, hmm?” And he strolled off toward Dick, whose grin was pure sunshine as he winked at Clark.


Shaking his head, Clark realized he had a line of men waiting to get their kisses.  Suppressing a sigh, he remembered the charity and went back into his patter as he leaned forward to kiss the next man.    




Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson, golden age, jimmy olsen, lois lane, robin, superman/batman, topsy-turvy i: golden daze
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