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I just came back from seeing Inception! AWESOME!!!

You know how in the heyday of the Hollywood studios you could usually guess which studio made the picture by the cast, familiar faces that kept popping up in that studio’s films? Looks like the same for Warner Brothers today. It was amusing to see the two from the Nolanverse Batman movies, Michael Caine (Alfred) and Cillian Murphy (Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow) show up in this Nolan film. Nice to see Marion Cotillard (Billie from Public Enemies) and Leonardo DiCaprio, who I think I read was up for the role of Dillinger that Johnny Depp got. Besides, with my Public Enemies/Shutter Island crossover, it also amused me to see Leo and Marion in the same movie.

I loved the layers upon layers in this film. It was nice intellectual stimulation as I avidly followed the plot. The eye candy was yummy, but the story held the real interest for me. It was very cleverly done! I loved figuring out the clues and watching the pieces fall into place. If you like to give your mind a work-out, I’d recommend seeing this film. If you’re easily confused, well… ;) It was two-and-a-half hours and I was captivated. There’s a lot of richness and complexity to this film with some old and new ideas about reality and dreams, but it was a fun ride!

I can see why a fandom’s already sprung up around this film. Smart and pretty, that’s the ticket! ;)

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