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Angels & Other Things

Wow! If you haven't checked out me_ya_ri's Clex and Clark/Bruce (platonic) story, Falling For You, do so! It's clever and imaginative and the boys are in character all the way, angelically-speaking! ;)

I've been pondering doing an angel-themed story for awhile but haven't come up with a plot yet. This story might get my subconscious churning. ;)

I did use angel imagery in the story I'm currently working on that includes symbolism/imagery practice for my writing. It seemed to fit this particular story. It's one of my small fandoms but if people are curious enough about the exercise, maybe they'll check it out. Whatever! I just needed to get it written down so I could move on to something else! :)

I'm considering getting an account over on AO3. I have hundreds of stories written in the last four years so doubt I'll be archiving the entire collection. I think I'll do a 'Best Of...' and mix in comics and non-comics works. It'll help give my teeny-tiny fandoms a boost, anyway. :) I'm just afraid my OCD will rage out of control with all the steps I have to take to categorize and everything. *sighs* Once I get going, I can't stop! It's like cleaning. Once I start, I have to clean the house from top-to-bottom! :)


Need to get to bed! :)
Tags: archive, clark kent/bruce wayne, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, fanfic, rec, superman/batman, superman/lex luthor, writing
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