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Ficcish Game Plan ;)

Well, it’s been a weird month for me. RL stuff has kept me off-line more than usual, and while I posted a lot in the first half, production went down in the second. I‘m afraid my Muses have hit a valley, guys. I have little energy to write. I mostly read now, and I’m trying to type from the Queue of Doom. ;)

My Muses are silent on Rainbow’s Freedom, alas. This is the longest hiatus I’ve taken from that project. It could be burn-out, but I think my Muses know that this is wrap-up time, and they’re reluctant to start this last arc. Oh, well, if I don’t get it started in the next few weeks, I’ll make sure to push starting in September. I know there are fans eager to read Arcs 7 and 8! :)

August will be a wrap-up month for me as I try and finish posting the last chapters of the Public Enemies/Shutter Island fic, Crystal Rain Book I: Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis?, and the remainder of my fic request prompts. I also owe birthday fic! :)

And, you know why I want to clear off my plate as much as possible? Why, so that I can start working on Halloween fic, of course! ;) Three fandoms have my attention for this holiday, so we’ll see what’s what, eh? *goes off in search of her cauldron* The Halloween Challenge will be posted soon! Keep your eye on this journal! ;)
Tags: challenge, crystal rain, fanfic, halloween, public enemies, rainbow's freedom, shutter island, writing
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