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It's That Time Of Year Again!

Whew, what a night! I was up for half of it with an upset stomach. Not fun! Luckily this morning I felt better though woozy, but doing some yardwork helped. I cut the grass, trimmed the lawn, shrubs, and bushes, swept the garage stalls, sidewalks, and stoops, and am dead tired now. I think I'll treat myself to watching Emergency! later today. :)

And...*squees* PATRIOTS' TRAINING CAMP STARTS NEXT WEEK!!! *bounces* I hope to go at least once. There's lots of talk about Tom being unhappy with stalled contract talks (this is his last year on his current contract) and while it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up leaving the Patriots (sports is a crazy business), I don't think it'll happen. While athletes are obscenely overpaid, within the scope of the sports world he is UNDERpaid, considering his three Super Bowl trophies and he doesn't make as much as some newbies who haven't thrown a single NFL pass getting more than him! Something's wrong with this picture.

Anyway, it was recently revealed that he suffered a broken finger and three broken ribs last year, solving the mystery of his inaccurate passes. ;) He, of course, still played, because that's what football players do.

This year should be interesting! After last year's abysmal playoff loss, how will the team fare in a division with stronger rivals? And will the contract be a distraction? Stay tuned! ;)
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