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Firemen & The 1970s

Heh! Apparently the old fandoms never truly leave you. I will probably be writing more Emergency! fic in the days to come. Yeah, I know, another teeny-tiny fandom that hardly anyone will read, but it's one of those things that a writer's just gotta do! :)

It'll be interesting to explore gay issues in the 1970s. Gay Liberation was making its push in that decade, and many groups were clamoring for long-overdue equal treatment from organizations such as fire departments. It'll be intriguing to explore that through the stories of Johnny and Roy. Let's face it, gays were making noise in the '70s, but there were boatloads of prejudice against them being open in fire or police departments. Civil suits have forced those organizations' hands today, but there's still rank prejudice (just look at the military and their codified bigotry).

And there will be romance and schmoopiness mixed in with the angst, to be sure! ;)

I've been working on DC Comics fic quite a bit lately. I've even been neglecting Public Enemies! Must rectify that. ;)
Tags: dc comics, emergency!, fanfic, public enemies, roy desoto/johnny gage, writing
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