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Just Some Ramblings

It's been an odd couple of days.

First I started out this morning cleaning out some of my dad's old stuff and wound up crying, just like I do when I go through Mom's things. Somedays it just hurts real bad.

Then I've been kind of in a fannish funk and have reaffirmed that:

1) Keep my cynic's glasses firmly on.

2) Know that while fandom is a nice haven most of the time, it's still made up of human beings, and that will occasionally mean discord within the harmony.

3) Time to enjoy other slices of the entertainment pie.

To that end, I've been going through my pre-season football 'study' mode. I've been watching tapes of championship games from the past six years, last season's best, and obtaining the training camp and regular season schedules. I bought some of the prognosticator magazines, which is fun because most of the predictions have the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. :) But I like to keep up with what's going on with the rest of the league, too. Right now it looks as if the primary challengers to the Patriots in the AFC will be the Colts and the Chargers. There's always some Cinderella team that comes out of nowhere each year, like the Pats in 2001.

I can't wait for football season to start! I love its rhythms: talking about the previous game, previewing the next, checking out not just the Patriots' message board but other teams' boards, including your divisional and AFC rivals, and the team you happen to be playing that week, along with keeping up with sites like, Fox, ESPN, and other cool sites like You can get a lot of insight by reading the other teams' hometown papers, too.

Even in my funk, I've been working on fic, and should have the last Mood piece finished, and I've been enjoying working on "Rainbow's Freedom" a lot lately.

Today was warm with cool breezes, then the temperature dropped down to 60 and we had thunderstorms. Just a typical day around here. :)

The professional novel's going well, I had pizza for dinner, and I guess that's it. Thanks for reading!
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