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Milestone Comics?

So, I used my comics shop gift certificate for Batman #700, Superman #700, and Wonder Woman #600. I haven't read Wondy yet, but I did read about the 'new direction'. Yeesh!

Batman #700 had some interesting stuff: Silver Age villainy and Dick as young Robin, and then the stories grew progressively darker through each era (Damien as Batman is not my cup of tea), bound by a common time travel link. On the whole I wasn't too impressed with this milestone issue. It didn't do much for me, but that's often the case with much-ballyhooed 'special' events.

Superman #700 was more satisfying. I liked the Clois opening story. Plenty of it for fans of the pairing! :)

And the second story? *loves* Superman and Robin team up! This in early in Superman's career, so Robin is Dick Grayson. Dick disobeys Bruce and Alfred and goes out to stop gun runners (Bruce has to attend a Wayne Foundation function) and gets himself tied up (of course!) and thrown into Gotham River to drown, but Superman comes to the rescue! Great splash panel as the two emerge from the river. :)

After all the fuss is over with the gun runners, Clark takes Dick home and Bruce is coming up the stairs, furious because he's sure that the hero who caught the smugglers was a disobedient Dick, who pretends to have been asleep. He's supposed to have done his geometry homework and so Bruce goes to check it to see if Dick really has been at the Manor all night. It's done because our favorite Kryptonian helped Dick out, who whispers a happy "Thank you!" to his second mentor. :)

The ending? I won't spoil it, but let's just say it's classic Batman! :)

I loved the way Dick was drawn. All the characters looked quite lovely, and we can see that Dick will grow up to be a beauty someday. His smile, his joy, and the details of the original Robin costume brought a smile to this fan! :)

The final story sets up Superman's 'new direction'. Not thrilled. I totally sympathize with the widow in this situation, but Superman can't be everywhere! Her husband died of a brain tumor (that Superman could have excised with his specialized vision) while Superman was off fighting the War of the Supermen and she blames him. Despite his powers, he isn't a god! His powers are uniquely suited to the 'big picture', and how would people feel if there was an invasion and Superman was off drinking coffee in a diner in Nebraska? Because he's going to do the Green Arrow/Green Lantern road trip from the '70s, you see, walking across America to see what's up with the little people.

Which is nonsense, considering that Clark is very anchored to Earth and the common people. Do heroes who rescue kittens from trees seem out of touch to you?

Don't think I'm taking this woman's situation lightly, but there are times when Superman just isn't going to be able to save everyone.

Finally, Wonder Woman. As I said, I haven't read the issue yet, but saw this link on second_batgirl's journal.

Well, they've screwed Wondy over again! Her new costume sucks, BTW. She isn't Supergirl, with major changes every decade or so. She's had the same design since 1941, pretty much, just like her Trinitymates. Now she's a '90s biker, for cryin' out loud (I knew when I heard the words, 'new direction', I had good reason to be nervous)!

Yeah, yeah, it's supposed to more 'practical', but the thing is, her costume is recognizable the world over, just like Batman's and Superman's. Now it's just...nothing special. *shrugs*

And why must she constantly be retconned? And every time she is, Paradise Island gets pulverized out of existence. What, the world can't abide an island full of powerful, independent women?

This retcon is so much like the Mists of Nepenthe retcon done in the early '80s, wiping out Diana's memories of the original Steve Trevor. Before that, she lost her powers completely and the Amazons were transported to another dimension, so again, no Paradise Island. Bruce thinks he's got a beef about mind-wiping? He should talk to Diana, because it's happened to her more than once. Her memories were a little shaky after she regained her powers in the early '70s and was undergoing trials to rejoin the JLA.

This new retcon? I don't know if her book will be on its own, because if it isn't, she can't exist anymore as we know her in the JLA or any other books. They did keep Bruce alive in titles like Superman/Batman while he's off in time, so we'll see. Hopefully this will be so out of continuity that it'll just be a little Elseworld or something.

Whatever, right? Should I be surprised? Ha! No. And I'm sure some people will love her new costume and the new direction and everything. She still won't get a live-action movie, though.

I should write a fanfic extolling the glories of her old costume! :)

Thank Goddess for my little corner of fandom here! *hugs her fanfic* ;)

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