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Plot Bunnies?

Hmm, I might be able to post something tonight.

And, fic (or art/visual graphics) plot bunnies of a sort, available to good home:

The hetness! What about a Clark/Lois, Bruce/Selina, Steve/Diana piece? Possibly emphasize similarities and differences and can be quiet reflection or exciting action or whatever works for you! ;)

A piece in which Clark and Lois aren't lovers but are close working partners and best buddies! :) Can focus exclusively on them or bring in significant others. :)

Something that stars Bruce and Dick (or Bruce/Dick), emphasizing their relationship within the Bat-family.

Femslash fun: pair Batwoman with someone fun and exciting! :)

If you see something that sparks the Muses, feed 'em! :)

*off to work on posting*
Tags: dc comics, fanfic, plot bunnies, writing
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