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Toy Story 3 (Review)

Omigod, was Toy Story 3 CUTE!!! I wanted to hug Rex, the green dinosaur, and pet him and squeeze him and call him George. ;)

The movie was exquisitely-done with animation, and the storyline was sweet with touches of pathos. Andy’s toys are worried what fate will befall them as he prepares to go off for college. They hope their fate is the attic and not the garbage bag!

A series of errors leads them to Sunnyside Daycare, which turns out to be a nightmare (I knew there was something fishy about all the happy greetings!), but the toys are steadfast in sticking together and not leaving anyone behind. The characters are clearly drawn as to personality, and there’s plenty of humor mixed in with the drama. I love the Potato Heads and Jessie and the Slinky Dog and Rex the green dinosaur (I have a thing for big, powerful types who are gentle sweeties inside)! And of course there’s Woody and Buzz, best friends. :)

The first meeting of Ken and Barbie is hilarious, and both dolls are important characters in the film. Ken loves his clothes, though he ends up wearing shorts with little red hearts on them for part of the movie. ;)

The theme is friendship and loyalty, and the toys are exemplary examples of both. There’s a few scenes here and there that will bring a tear to your eye, but the ending is a happy one, as it should be (DC, take note of how you should have handled the L’il Leaguers)!

I loved seeing the Fisher-Price telephone (one of my old toys) and other wonderful toys. If you liked the first two installments of Toy Story, you’ll love this one. The cute is the best!

There's plenty of action and fun and the time will fly!

Stick around for the end credits as there’s more story told, and the cartoon shown just before the movie begins is pretty clever.

I also saw previews for Secretariat, the last Triple Crown winner (1978), that looks really good. I enjoyed Seabiscuit, and I think this will be just as good. I like the idea of a 'mere housewife' taking on the big boys of racing. :)

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