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No Futterwackening On The Frabjous Day! :(

Alas, my Celtics didn't have enough left in 'em to push past those final four points. Congrats to Lakers fans!

I was really bummed last night. You sweat bullets in each of these playoff games, and it's a killer not to win at the end. :(

Yesterday was such a great day, too! I was bouncing off the walls, eating blueberries I'd gotten on sale at the market (buy one pint, get two free!) and thrilled that siriusfanatic had written a sequel to her When I'm With Him, I Am Thinking Of You, and generally enjoying the cool weather we've been having. Then the tense game and the Celtics tanking! And to the bitter rival Lakers, no less! Very bummed.
Tags: boston celtics, fanfic, public enemies
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