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Merry Yule & Christmas!

Well, it's that magic time of year!  Yule has been celebrated and the light is starting to come back to us even though we won't notice more daylight for awhile, but it's there!  And tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I still get excited about it, probably remembering the good times I had as a child, waiting for Santa, seeing the Christmas tree (one year it was more of a Charlie Brown tree than anything) but we had love, and that was even better than the cool presents we'd give and receive.  Hey, I enjoy giving and getting presents, but I enjoy having loved ones around to open them with me.  So I was lucky for a long time on that, and hope to continue the luck a little more.  

Time to go upstairs and extinguish the candles in the windows and turn off the tree's lights and go to bed, but I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday!
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